Thursday, 11 March 2010

The long Lent

This long Lent continues.

On a global Catholic level, the depravity of homosexualist infiltration into the spotless Bride of Christ continues. The media in Europe and America and Canada is rejoicing. Father Gabriel Amorth has explained it all quite well. Satan is in the Vatican and there are "cardinals who do not believe in Jesus, and bishops who are linked to the Demon." The enemies of the Church are real and the worst ones are inside Her. Those who agree with Father Amorth or believe that Bella Dodd actually did what she said she did (and no less than Dr. Dietrich von Hilderbrand believed this to be true) are often ridiculed or called conspiracy theorists. Folks, the Catholic Church is under fierce attack by the world and the media and their master, Satan; because She is the Bride of Christ. It is all true friends. Everything. All of it. The Real Presence of the LORD in the Holy Eucharist, Mary, The Vicar of Christ, The Communion of Saints, the Four Last Things, the Antichrist. It is all true and that is why they hate Her and seek to destroy Her and us along with Her!

Friends, put on the "helmet of salvation...the armour of God...gird your the course and finish the race; keep the faith" Do you think that there is a better way? Not Ganesh, nor is it Buddha nor Mohomat. It is not Hitchens, nor Freemasonry, nor Luther, nor Zwingli not Calvin either; they are lies and from the Prince of Darkness and remember the psalmist admonition to "Put not your trust in princes."

This is going to get worse and you must be ready.

Go to Confession.

Go to Holy Communion.

Go to Mass. Often. More than Sunday.

If you did not go last Sunday then go to Confession for it and whatever else you need to confess on Saturday and repent and fix yourself. Go then to Mass on Sunday and receive Him and do not bring "condemnation upon yourself."

If you do not, then you will not see the truth. The battle is heating up. The battle to destroy our Mother, the Church and to take you straight to Hell.

They hate the Church, they despoiled Her liturgy and they put up roadblocks in every way from stifling Pope Benedict XVI in his work from the Holy Spirit to restore Her and the liturgy both Ordinary to bring it "Just as the hermeneutic of continuity is revealing itself to be ever more important for an adequate understanding of the texts of Vatican Council II" and in the Extraordinary for those who desire it and to provide the example and benchmark to strive for.

On a personal level, amongst many of my friends and the people who have worked so hard over the last 17 months in the Schola Tridentina, and to serve at the Altar of God and who assisted in the pews, this is a long Lent of penance. The departure stings still. The liturgical setback is profound for the spiritual life of the all and I speak here of the choir too, myself included as Cantor and Schola Master, particularly with the Holy Days to come. The departure feels like a betrayal and an abandonment. It matters not the reason or the circumstance. The fact is that whatever the reasons the decision was made or came about to be made, for what was provided or promised or not provided; for vacancies elsewhere or a desire to give up the fight for something more immediate and deemed more important and for a place deemed more worthy; in all of this, for whatever reason, the impact of these decisions by those in authority on the little people seems hardly considered. Had it been considered, there would have been a different outcome. The spiritual needs of the little people were never considered. Just as "the heavens proclaim the greatness of the LORD" so do their actions show what their words cannot. The sense of betrayal and abandonment is real and profound.

Here is something to ponder.

A 73 year old woman using a cane travelled over two hours each way by TTC to attend the only Mass on Wednesday in the whole Archdiocese of Toronto in the manner she preferred to worship; that is four hours on transit for the liturgy she prefers as is her right.

Does this matter to you; to anyone?

The people are hurting yet they are also hoping.

They are waiting and they are longing.

This is their long Lent.

This is our long Lent.

This is my long Lent.

We are in Gethsemane and soon we will be on Calvary.

We know there will come the resurrection.

We hope it will be soon because we have not put our trust in princes, we have put them in the LORD!

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