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Sts. Peter & Paul Sung Latin Mass
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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

No more "Anonymous of the Cross"

Less than one hour ago, from 8:08 EDT, Anonimidellacroce put up a post stating, "our adventure ends here."

Oh, and the letter, the infamous letter about Benedict XVI "forced" renouncement of the papacy. Right. An anonymous letter to an anonymous blog.

A joke from the beginning, or if these two Fraters are real, cowards.

And I guess Rogue Swiss Guard was murdered, too.

What a bunch of nothing.


Anonymous said...

Followed the link site is deleted.

Ana Milan said...

Someone in the Vatican Communications Office no doubt. Many to choose from but infantile in their attempt to divert Traditional Catholic attention from the ongoing heresies & blasphemies emanating from the Papal Office & the recent tyrannical order to Fra. Festing not to present himself in Rome for the upcoming election in which he is a candidate. False obedience again demanded. Will they ever get the message that it's not working & will the four Cardinals ever carry out their promise to issue the formal correction publicly &, if not answered in a reasonable set time limit, call for an imperfect council?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what that site is/was. (It is deleted now.) If you posted about it, I missed it, because I have never heard of it before. Could you share details?