A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 30 November 2022

Bergoglio calls Jesus a Communist

It's taken since November 22 for this to come out. It tells us something about the readership of America Magazine. Imagine a Catholic Order, The Jesuits, naming their magazine thusly.

Well, Bergoglio has equated himself with a communist, given that he cares about the poor, allegedly. It naturally follows then that so is Our Lord.

Exclusive: Pope Francis discusses Ukraine, U.S. bishops and more | America Magazine

The man never fails to find ways to offend. What a gross and detestable man he is.


G. Poulin said...

There is no Christian mandate to care about "the poor" as a socio-economic class. The Scriptural instructions are, in every case, about caring for the poor of one's own Christian or Jewish community. And when Jesus himself mentions the poor, he is speaking, again in every case, about his own poor followers. The Pope, being a Scriptural ignoramus, doesn't realize this.

Tom A. said...

Jorge is himself a communist. I doubt he was ever a Catholic, except maybe in his youth. But that goes for the entire Novus Ordo fake church and all the modernists who sit in once Catholic Cathedrals and Churches. Of course they believe Jesus is a communist. Just more proof they are not Catholics nor are they the Catholic Church. Have nothing to do with them. Nothing! Stay away from their phony worship services and stay away from those who are in union with them.