Monday, 20 July 2020

Vox Cantoris makes a "heavy mark." Michael Coren

Well, I don't know how I missed this? Oh, yes I do. I read nothing of some guy named Michael Coren. This was sent to me by a friend. It was published in something called the Narwal or something like that which has fewer readers than this blog. She insisted I read it as this blog and my good friends at Toronto Catholic Witness were mentioned as Coren testified that both blogs make a "heavy mark." It 

Well, Michael Coren doesn't.


Kathleen1031 said...

I have no idea who that guy is either. He doesn't seem to be explicitly saying any of the support is necessarily a bad thing, but progressives are greatly threatened when anyone doesn't march in lockstep with them so..
That's an observation that can easily be made if one frequents Fox online comboxes. Marxists have virtually every media outlet, probably 99% of the media is progressive, but Fox is this one holdout in terms of blatant Marxist support and the progressives can't stand it.
It is counted in someone's favor if they make a "heavy mark" for God, in this culture. There's a little jewel in your crown. Keep up the great work.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

You're over the target, VoxūüĎćūüŹľ

Peter Lamb said...

You have done a lot of very good work Vox, keep it up and the more they persecute you the better will be your reward! Stywe lyne!

Phineas said...

To add insult to injury Vox, The Walrus receives taxpayer funding from both the Federal government and the Province of Ontario, without which they likely wouldn't survive. Their readership is that patch of Toronto south of Dupont to Queen, bracketed between Spadina and Christie.

They love "Pastor" Coren because he's an ecumenical shape-shifter, who can be counted on to bend to the signs of the times. They trot him out from time to time and it gives him a chance to play dress up with faux priestly garb - especially the white collar.

A slave to Jesus said...

Here is your solution. Everybody do this.

Advertising executive at the Walrus.

Dear Mr Jaramillo,

I read with dismay that you are hosting articles by a Deacon in the Anglican Church. Mr. Coren.

As we have learned, the colonization and oppression of the Indigenous peoples of Canada was spearheaded by the English people and their English Church.

Please stop hosting this man's articles. He is an established member of the white male patriarchy.

I will also be sending emails to all of your advertisers informing them of your cooperation with the oppression of the Native people's of Canada.


Jonah said...

Aw... You've gone and spoiled his epiphany.

Tancred said...

Cultural Marxist agendas play well at Vox Cantoris. I'm not sure why Coren would view it as antagonistic.

If people would find fault with the missionary efforts of the Anglican Church toward barbarous aboriginal cannibals, just how far behind can the Kingdom of France, Recollects and the Jesuits be?

John the Mad said...

Well Vox at your baptism you were heavily marked with the sign of the Catholic faith. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Vox Cantoris said...

Blogger Tancred said...
Cultural Marxist agendas play well at Vox Cantoris. I'm not sure why Coren would view it as antagonistic.

What's up with you Asshat? Still upset I called you out as for tolerating blatant racist comments on Eponymous Flower or took you off my feed? Has it dropped your readership?

You've left a number of these snarky comments calumniating against me. I am publishing this one to call you out, any future ones will be deleted.

You're a disgusting cretin. A racist and a shameful example of a Catholic.

To my readers, The Eponymous Flower blog has tolerated outright racist comments that have nothing to do with the Marxist ideologues and anarchists of antifa or BLM. Race baiting comments such as "watermelon" etcetera are tolerated by its moderators. When brought to the attention, this writer was mocked. I have delisted this pathetic blog from Vox as I have many others since March and I will continue to.

But I will not tolerate this kind of trash from Tancred or anyone else.

Get lost.

Irenaeus said...

That's not a very kind thing to say, Tancred. Please stop bothering Vox. He's done nothing against you.

Tancred said...

Pox Cantoribus is a vindictive, fruity boomer shill for open borders and political correctness and you are too, I reckon.

Tancred said...

Pox Cantoribus is a vindictive, fruity boomer shill for open borders and political correctness and you are too, I reckon.

Vox Cantoris said...

Tancred, keep them coming. I've changed my mind. I've decided to publish all of your comments to reveal what kind of person you are as the real person behind The Eponymous Flower.

You have proven my decision to be the correct one.

Go to confession.

Irenaeus said...

Am I, Tancred? Or, more to the point, is Vox? You have no idea what we are like.

If Vox strikes you as a "vindictive, fruity boomer," to the point that it bothers you, then I would suggest you stop reading this blog, stop leaving disgusting comments, and stay away from him.

May you find peace.

Tancred said...

Are you a homosexual?

Your inability to make sound judgements, see George Floyd, for example, are very revealing.

You wanted to hang the arresting officers along with the Marxist BLM protesters and accused everyone disagreeing with you of being a “racist”.

Tancred said...

Iranaeus, I’ll keep my own councils as to what to read, thank you.

You put on this mock veneer of sanctity, but you’re a presumptuous fruit also.

Irenaeus said...

Thanks, Tancred. I'm no fruit, nor was I presumptuous. I gave you some suggestions on how to approach this blog. I see you didn't take them. That's okay - you're entitled to your opinion.

Next time, though ... please back up your accusations with some hard evidence. This is simple common courtesy, given the public nature of a blog's combox. How is Vox a homosexual and someone who goes around accusing people of being racist because they disagree with him? Where have I indicated I was a "presumptuous fruit" who puts on "this monk veneer of sanctity?" I encouraged you to find peace, because that is what Our Lord wants of us: to find peace, and keep it. From where I was, it didn't look like you were in pursuit of that. It still doesn't. It is rather sad to consider, really.

May you find peace.