Saturday, 19 December 2020

O Radix

O ROOT of Jesse, standing as a sign among the peoples;
before you kings will shut their mouths,
to you the nations will make their prayer:
Come and deliver us, and delay no longer.

"On that day the root of Jesse shall stand as a signal to the peoples; the nations shall inquire of him, and his dwelling shall be glorious." Isaiah 11:10 
"A shoot shall come out from the stock of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots." Isaiah 11:1


Kathleen1031 said...

I really don't know much about the O Antiphons. These are so beautiful. I really enjoy seeing them with the scripture. Thank you Vox and Merry Christmas. :)

Aqua said...

Before I became Catholic I can remember thinking "What gives God the right to rule? To tell me what to do or not do. I got this! Perhaps I don't want to sing in a choir forever". Literally thought those blasphemous thoughts. Knew at the same time, however, that thinking them was a red warning flag something was seriously amiss inside. Mixture of pride and fear.

Now? I can't think of anything that gives me more pleasure and confidence than the thought that I rule precisely nothing. My talents are on loan from God who wants them back with interest so he can continue to reward me with more forever. I can now easily submit to a divine benevolent Ruler that loves me more than I can possibly love myself. I don't want to be King any more. I bend that ol' knee willingly and look forward to one day getting a voice I will *never have in this life* (sad) that produces a quality musical note in praise of Almighty Triune God.

What could possibly be better than that: a chorus of billions beatified saints from all time, with perfect voices and pitch, singing from the pure joy of community and God's presence in the middle of us!?

Vox Cantoris said...

Thank you Kathleen, Aqua.

More to come!

May we all be in that heavenly choir, forever!

MyronM said...

Psalm 88(89) [4] "I have made a covenant with my elect: I have sworn to David my servant: [5] Thy SEED will I settle FOR EVER. And I will build up thy throne unto generation and generation."...
[7] "For who in the clouds can be compared to the Lord: or who among the SONS OF GOD shall be like to God?" ...
[27] "He shall cry out to me: Thou art my father: my God, and the support of my salvation. [28] And I will make him my firstborn*, high above the kings of the earth. [29] I will keep my mercy for him for ever: and my covenant faithful to him. [30] And I will make HIS SEED TO ENDURE FOR EVERMORE: and his throne as the days of heaven."
[36] "Once have I sworn by my holiness: I will not lie unto David: [37] HIS SEED shall endure FOR EVER. [38] And HIS THRONE as the sun before me: and as the moon perfect for ever, and a faithful witness in heaven."
*Our Lord Jesus Christ is the firstborn among many brothers. Our Mother Holy Church gives birth to these many brothers - among them is the one who will inherit the throne of King David. He comes from the root of Jesse and the royal house of France.
This year in Paris, the Christmas shepherd mass will be celebrated in Saint Germain l'Auxerrois - the parish church of the kings of France! Stay tuned!