Monday, 12 January 2015

The Church and the Truth suffer by the error of Her Bishops

As we enter into 2015, the Ordinary Synod on the Family will come at us like a light in a tunnel, and it won't be the other side but a train coming right at us.

Let us take a brief look at some comments by Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg in Florida, the same bishop who sat by whilst Terry Shiavo was being put to death. Last week, this Bishop said:

“Therefore, I do not wish to lend our voice to notions which might suggest that same-sex couples are a threat incapable of sharing relationships marked by love and holiness and, thus, incapable of contributing to the edification of both the church and the wider society."

More about Bishop Lynch can be read at this column by Matt. C. Abbot, it goes back to 2007, and if you choose to do an Internet search, you will find much more. 

Moving on from Florida, we turn to Europe and an earlier comment by Bishop Bonny of Antwerp in Belgium is as follows:

“There should be recognition of a diversity of forms,” … “We have to look inside the Church for a formal recognition of the kind of interpersonal relationship that is also present in many gay couples. Just as there are a variety of legal frameworks for partners in civil society, one must arrive at a diversity of forms in the Church.” …  “The intrinsic values are more important to me than the institutional question. The Christian ethic is based on lasting relationships where exclusivity, loyalty and care are central to each other,” … “Personally, I find that in the Church more space must be given to acknowledge the actual quality of gay and lesbian couples; and such a form of shared-life should meet the same criteria as found in an ecclesiastical marriage.”  

Then from our own country, we have this little gem from Martin Currie, the Archbishop of St. John's in Newfoundland, a place we should note that has seen the faithful suffer devastation at the hands of homopederast priests:

"Hopefully we can find some accommodation where (same-sex) unions are accepted and respected and they can have a part in the church life." … "To be homosexual is no barrier to holiness and compassion. We have a number of men who are very good and excellent priests who have same-sex orientation and are doing a great job. And there will probably be more in the future."

These are their words, not mine. Really, you couldn't make this stuff up!

What can one say about these three bishops and their quotes? 

People who suffer from same-sex attraction are to be loved and respected; this is our faith as taught by Our Lord and articulated in the Catechism. The acts of sodomy can never be tolerated or condoned. There is no such thing as marriage between two people of the same sex. The Church can never and will never change on this. For these bishops to even speculate on such a thing is a crime against the faith. They are not charitable because they don't speak with clarity and truth, they leave people in their sin. They scandalise Catholics and allow those who follow error and sin to face judgment. There was a time they would have been summoned to Rome and stripped of their Sees. There is no "holiness" in same-sex marriage, it is impossible!

We must be perpetually on guard against shepherds such as these that would spin false and fashionable statements for the media and distort the truth of the Church.

As hard as it must be, we must pray for them and that their eyes be opened, before St. Joseph closes them.

Good St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church and protector of the Child Jesus
Intercede for the Church.
Pray for us!


Anonymous said...

In times past they would have been stripped of their sees AND burned at the stake.

Barona said...

These man are violating their sacred oath upon taking episcopal Office. It is astonishing that they have not been removed, having not recanted their errors, which blaspheme Christ, profane the Church and scandalize the Faithful.

The silence of brother bishops also is an ominous portent.