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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 5 January 2015

Kasper and the Corruption of the Catholic Church in Germany - Pope Francis please distance yourself and rebuke them!

A declining Church with more dioceses and bishops than England and Wales and only 10% Mass attendance has undue influence over the See of Peter!

The Synod which concluded last October showed to us a deep division within the Church and an evil presence coming out of Germany. From the revolution of Martin Luther through to the philosophies of Hegel, Marx and National Socialism, Germany has done great damage to the Church, Europe and the world, notwithstanding it's industrial and engineering prowess; in fact, it may even think itself godlike!

We know that October 2015 is going to be upon us soon enough. It will be up to many of us laity and bloggers to keep beating the drum against Kasper, Marx, Forte and the others that have undo influence with Pope Francis with an agenda that is heterodox. Indeed, the Pope may be the biggest problem as he himself may actually believe that communion for the divorced and civilly remarried is mercy -- he has made it known how much he appreciated Kasper's book, Mercy.

Below is a quote from an article in the Catholic herald early in December titled "Why the German Church is rich and arrogant!"

"Despite its declining numbers the German Church played a significant role at the recent family synod in Rome. This was largely thanks to Pope Francis’s mystifying decision to let Cardinal Walter Kasper, the Vatican’s retired head of ecumenism, open proceedings back in February at the consistory of cardinals. It should have been obvious that Cardinal Kasper would use the opportunity to push for remarried Catholics to be readmitted to Communion, a subject he has been campaigning on for more than 20 years. Cardinal Kasper’s trademark garrulous style during the synod itself didn’t improve matters, and led him directly into an unedifying row with Cardinal Raymond Burke. It would be easy to dismiss this as unimportant, especially since on this issue Cardinal Kasper is very much out of step with the Catholic hierarchy internationally. But the rumpus at the synod did expose the powerful German Church throwing its weight around in an unusually public way."

These are the same bishops and cardinals that defied Pope Benedict XVI on divesting themselves of the pornographic publishing division which they own and the implementation of "for many" from "for all" in the Consecration of the Precious Blood in the Holy Mass.

The German bishops have undo influence over the Pope and the Church, they must be called out.

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Barona said...

Excellent post. These men are objectively evil. They have virtually destroyed the Church in Germany and - as ravenous wolves - wish to spread their poison into other pastures...

Mike said...

This post from the Ukraine is well worth the read. Don't neglect to read the blog
post that inspired it.