A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 17 September 2014

The Lion of Rome

A few years ago, I read a story on the Internet, which I can no longer find; it was written by a man that once suffered from same-sex attraction.

He wrote that he was outraged that then Bishop Burke of LaCrosse in Wisconsin would speak out firmly against sodomy. This man sent letters to the Bishop, hateful and spiteful letters. A few years later, he had a conversion to Christ and His Church. By then, Raymond Leo Burke was the Archbishop of St. Louis, in Missouri. The man that harassed him so many times sought him out in St. Louis and was surprised when the Archbishop accepted his request for a meeting. He came to the Archbishop and apologised. Archbishop Burke then went to a closet to retrieve a shoebox. Inside the shoebox were all the letters of harassment and hate that the man had sent to him. Archbishop Burke explained that he would regularly pray over the letters for the man and gave him back his letters with his blessing.

I have a personal friend that knows Cardinal Burke personally, I told him this story and his reply was, "I don't know that I've ever heard that but I believe it because that is exactly the kind of thing that Cardinal Burke would do." 

As we digest the news, or rumour, that this holy man is about to be purged from the Curia and demoted, let us remember that God is in control and will not be mocked.

When I wrote my disgust last night to a priest friend, he responded, "The boat is Peter's and Christ is asleep, wake Him with prayer and penance."

There is nothing good that I can say about what is happening in Rome and I should say as little as possible or nothing at all; but my conscience will not allow it, I will therefore attempt to be as temperate as I can be.

The Church is in crisis as at no time in the last 500 years. Not since the protestant revolution have we been at such risk of another schism. We see daily a Vatican spin office polish an apple that is well beyond its freshness. Quotes and pictures and "rock-star" imaging. I am sick from it and sick of it. True humility is shown in the second paragraph above, not in daily issuances by hirelings in the Church of Christ over the daily action of a humble Bishop of Rome. True humility is submitting oneself to ones state in life and showing respect for those who have duties to fulfil. True humility is respecting that which came before and passing it on. True humility is not treating the Church as if it is nothing more than a political game that would make Ottawa, Washington or London blush. True humility would mean that you would do everything in your power to not scandalise the faithful. True humility would prevent one from engaging in a persecution of the most faithful followers of the Church. True humility would accept the place where you are asked to live rather than spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make another place your own because you feel better there. True humility would not compromise the safety and security of your staff and innocent people around you by following the need to be prudent in a dangerous world rather than insist on the adulation. True humility would put on red shoes made by a local cobbler, subsidiarity it is called, and understand the symbolism behind them -- walking in the blood of the martyrs.

I could go on, but I need to stop now before I take a speckle-fitted nutty or become a Trad Behaving Badly, except for this:

They may think that they have set us back, that they will undo all that has been done for restoration. They are wrong. We will not be moved. We will not be silenced and they cannot hide. We are not our parents or our grandparents that had no knowledge and no tools. They were raised to "pray, pay and obey" and that allowed these rats, these wolves to destroy the liturgy and faith and the tolerated pederastic infiltration. We will not tolerate this anymore.

They will be outed in this life and judged by God in the next.

Do you miss him yet?

PostScript: Conclaves happen, this will not go on forever. Doctrine cannot be changed, the Holy Spirit will not allow that, though He will allow man to not listen to Him and put in the Chair someone who will tickle their ears. The day will come when there will be another Pope, a true restorationist.

A Lion in Rome.


Aged parent said...

You have spoken well, especially in your insistence that no matter how much flesh the wolves tear from our bodies we will keep going on.

Thank you.

Aged Parent
The Eye-Witness

Unknown said...

The Head of the Mystical Body, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ went through His Passion and Crucifixion. Now we, the Body, must follow our Blessed Lord and also go through our true Passion and Crucifixion!