Friday, 18 July 2014

Vatican Radio changes profane web page after being called out

It seems that the culprits at Radio Vatican's German branch have realised their egregious and profane error. Too bad the bishop has not.

For the original, see the post below.

Who are these idiots?

Fire them, Holy Father! 

Out them and get on with it!

Clean up this filth!

Now about that title?

For what it is worth, this is Bishop of Trier, Stephan Ackermann being annointed by a protestant laywoman Lutheran minister.

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Barona said...

This is the activity of of organized homosexual militants who have wormed their way into the upper hierarchy of the Church. This communications dept. like virtually everything in Rome, is controlled by Stato. Who are these anonymous monsignors et al. who run this Junta? How are they organized? To whom do they answer? How many cliques exist? Which ones are homosexualist, which ones strictly masonic, which ones occult, which ones demonic? ANswers, we need answers....