Monday, 30 June 2014

Coren's quotes

tip of the hat to J.D. for these links:

“A first column for a new year for a Roman Catholic magazine. Let’s ask a few basic questions about what it means to be Catholic, because as much as it pains me to admit it, a lot of alleged members of the Church seem to be absolutely bewildered. My opinion, by the way, is irrelevant here. It’s Church teaching that matters, not how any of us feel or think on one day or another.” 

“Look, it comes down to this. If you wish to live as a Christian but reject the authority of the Catholic Church, have the courage and integrity to leave the Church and become a Protestant—where, I assure, you will find something else to complain about and reject, so you can go to another Protestant church, and then another.”

“Nobody has to be a Catholic, unless you are a Catholic. Then, sorry, you have no choice. There is no such thing as a Kennedy Catholic, a Dalton McGuinty Catholic, a cafeteria Catholic. It’s Catholic, or not.”

“This year may be one of the most challenging and pivotal for Canadian Roman Catholics. We are likely to lose more of those who like to select which parts of the Church please them. We’ll lose those not committed to human life, those not glued to the cross, those not convinced that a Papacy that has never taught heresy in 2000 years can be trusted.”

“We will also witness more attacks from federal and provincial politicians, the increasing triumphalism of sexual minorities, and more aggression from organized atheism. But we will also gather more converts from failing Protestantism, and more committed young people: briefly, more and better and real Catholics. It is never easy, but more exciting and rewarding than ever.”

“In mid-October I was part of a panel at a Toronto university discussing how the world views the Church. It was all pretty good stuff with some faithful and successful Catholic writers on the platform. The academic present, however, was not known to me. But her views were. Not that I had ever heard of the woman before; what I mean is that her opinions on Catholicism were entirely typical of an attitude that has caused colossal damage to the Church in recent years. While discussing abortion, for example, she said that there were “gradations” within Catholicism and implied that supporting the rights of the unborn or promoting their slaughter were various and valid Roman Catholic positions.”

“You can have all sorts of opinions on all sorts of subjects but the fundamentals of Catholicism are just that and if you reject them you are not a Catholic in good standing.”

“Selfishness and fad posing as Catholicism is becoming less common and has been exposed as the intellectual and theological fraud that it is.”

“He (Raymond Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura) made it abundantly clear that the “hypocrisy” of those who claim to hold personal Catholic beliefs but publicly support same-sex marriage, abortion and euthanasia is unacceptable. Speaking of pro-choice and pro-same-sex marriage politicians, business people and doctors he continued, “It is not possible to be a practising Catholic and conduct oneself publicly in this manner” and “When a person has culpably espoused and co-operated in gravely sinful acts, leading many into error and confusion over fundamental questions regarding respect for life and integrity of marriage and family, his repentance of such actions must also be public.”

“Thank God for Archbishop Burke, thank God for the Church, thank God for His Son who gave it to us and thank God it is never too late to say sorry and get it right.”

Your words Michael, not mine.

Recommended reading at Toronto Catholic Witness: "Michael Coren and the inconvenient Catechism of the Catholic Church."


Barona said...

There is no limit in the ability of the human to deceive itself.

Unknown said...

: They became vain in their thoughts. . . professing themselves to be wise they became fools (Rom. i. 21, 22)