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A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 10 May 2014

Justin Trudeau: Baby killing advocating fascist

How it is possible for anyone to think that killing a child in its mother's womb should be legally permissible? The absurdity of this question escapes my reason. Watching some of the comments from abortion advocates interviewed during the recent March for Life in Ottawa made it abundantly clear how illogical, how perverse, and how darkened the intellects are of these people. You don't have to be Catholic or even believe in God to know that abortion is the killing of a baby. 

In 1968, a Catholic Minister of Justice educated by Jesuits and given every privilege in life appeared on the scene and ushered in the "right" to abortion; later that year, he became Prime Minister. He loved Castro and Mao, the former attended his funeral along with Jimmy Carter, well; you're known by the company you keep. He was given a glorious Catholic funeral at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. A scandal given what he stood for as Prime Minister.

Now his intellectually challenged son with nice hair is leader of the same Liberal Party, a party that I grew up with around the house that was once the party of the Catholic immigrant long used and abused by these creeps.

When he's not attending parades of men celebrating once criminal activity with other men (elminated from the Criminal Code by his father) alongside child pornographers, Justin Trudeau claims to be a practising Catholic. He has again said, and on the eve of the March for Life, that there is no conscience for a Liberal Party candidate or Member of Parliament, one must be pro-abortion because friends, being pro-choice is being pro-abortion and anti-life.

There is much more wrong with this slimy poseur with his father's sense of morality and his mother's intellect. His admiration of dictatorships and communist China being one. 

If you are a Catholic and you vote Liberal under this policy, notwithstanding that the Conservative Government has not and probably will not address the matter, you will have undertaken a grievous act in the next election.

You cannot vote Liberal or NDP when any party imposes such a position. The issue is one of life of the unborn and it is a matter of freedom of consciences. 

Justin Trudeau has proved what he is. 

A fascist.


It is time for the Canadian bishops to act against this man who professes to be a practising Catholic.

Sign this petition.


Brian said...

Vox: Pierre Trudeau went a long way, in "re-making Canada in his own image". He, more than any other Canadian, expedited Canada into a secular cesspool. Open season on pre-born Canada, is now the Liberal party fiat, for all candidates, thanks to Justin, truly a chip off the old block. Will our bishops do anything other than some safe "whimpering"? Probably not. I remember New Orleans Archbishop Rummel,in 1962, announcing a state of excommunication, on three Louisiana luminaries, one, a sitting judge. WHY??? Because these men, scandalously, persistently and publicly opposed the Archbishop's efforts to desegregate the parishes and schools in the archdiocese. Oh how we need such episcopal muscle in Canada. Sadly, six years later, when Cardinal O"Boyle, in Washington DC, attempted to reign in Charles Curran & Co., who were trashing Humanae Vitae, the Cardinal received no support from Rome. It was well into the late 70s before Archbishop Pocock, in Toronto, finally took some serious action against Gregory Baum. The dissidents had taken over, and the rebellious "Spell" of Vatican II had become the default operating system of the Catholic Church. Our Canadian bishops are pusillanimous invertebrates, worthy successors, to those who signed the Winnipeg statement. But I did sign the petition so I must have some hope.

Vox Cantoris said...

When does life begin?

Vox Cantoris said...

"Not acceptable?" Fascist you are, too.
You will not win, indeed you have already lost.