Friday, 11 April 2014

Father's folly

You've probably read about or watched the video on YouTube of the priest in Ireland, Father Ray Kelly, bursting into song at a wedding Mass with a play on Leonard Cohen's H-Word ballad. It is Lent after all but it seems that Father Kelly was so caught up in his narcissistic display of liturgical degenerative disorder, that he totally forgot that fact at least. I can't comment lest I write something which I will regret. Instead, sit back and listen to Louie Verrecchio's parody, "What's it to you?"


jonparrvijinski said...
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Barona said...

I believe that the then Cardinal Ratzinger wrote that abuse of the Liturgy results in the celebration of nothing.... To remove Christ from the centre of liturgical celebration is objectively blasphemy.

From an ecumenical perspective - properly understood - this, and the innumerable abuses that proliferate, no doubt causes our separated Orthodox brethren to have serious reservations about furthering dialogue. They are not impressed with the constant blasphemies streaming out of sanctuaries from Latin-rite churches nominally under Rome.

One must also ask the question: silence, no action on the part of the local Bishop means - at least - tacit approval. Such men must be removed immediately. They are destroying the Faith.

Gabby said...

As I watched this I couldn't help but shake my head. Where in this church is there any indication that it's Lent? Why are there flowers ON the altar? Why are they using a glass Chalice? Unity candle? Blech!

It's not the first time he's done this singing at a wedding, and from the altar,no less. Very disappointing and the worst part is that now that it's gone viral people are going to think, "Well, Fr. Kelly did this so it must be OK. Let's add other weird things to our wedding liturgy."

Brian said...


This is the contagion, of the entertainer priest, trying to be a quasi game show host or late night talk show host. Fr. Kelly is just another ugly instance of this. It has been going on for the better part of 50 years. LDD (Liturgical Degenerative Disorder)sums it up beautifully. It goes well with its twin, CDD (Catechetical Degenerative Disorder), which flourishes from our pulpits and in our nominally Catholic classrooms.
Where is Fr. Kelly's bishop?

"O Lord deliver us from the negligence of the bishops."