Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Secular promotion video filmed in a Catholic Church!

The video below is of a young singer, the daughter of a David Wang a musician and former contributor to Toronto's Catholic Register. He is the "manager" of his daughter's career. 

This is about the flagrant abuse of a Catholic Church for self-promotion; be it photographs, business ventures or music videos.

Blessed Sacrament Parish in Kitchener, Ontario in the Diocese of Hamilton was used for this video. The Pastor did not permit this video, he was unaware of its filming, no permission was given and the Blessed Sacrament was present in the tabernacle.  

Miss Wang performing in bare feet in a cocktail dress, in a Catholic sanctuary is wrong. Even if she were wearing moccasins, a tunic and mantilla, it is still wrong. 


Barona said...

Saw the video the other day by chance and it is disgusting. A total lack of understanding of what a church is for; this is desacralization - the strange foot filming -- well, I leave that up to the imagination... we have enough promotion of the erotic, the sensuous, the pornographic to leave such outside the church door. What has become of a Catholic sensibility?

Vox Cantoris said...

Barona, I was told that I was "sick" because I remarked that the foot filming was erotic and sexual. Even my wife saw that right off...hey, that's right, my wife!

Damian Goddard needs to retract this.

Barona said...

Vox, you are to be commended for calling this out. It is what it is - a cabaret in a church.... not to mention the strange foot filming incident which is obviously sexual. To think otherwise is outright denial. Are we to be taken for fools?

Yet, my friend, this is the crazy world we live in. Things that are now accepted as "normal" would cause outrage a mere few years ago. Such a performance in a church would be unthinkable. And to defend it would have been even more preposterous.

What we are seeing is a virtual total meltdown of plain and simple Christian deportment, living, sensibilities etc. we are now at the stage where there is virtually no difference between the neo-pagan and the church-goer.

Anonymous said...

Awwww :( This is where my little grandbaby is going to be baptized on Sunday. I sure hope the bar scene entertainments are no where to be seen!
It is not fitting for a church.

Vox Clara said...

That video is appalling. The song is terrible. It is a homage to her a sacred space. Truly inappropriate. It is a lounge show set in a church. Who would even have thought that a church would be the best location for that song? Is it because it was the only available piano? No excuse. Take it down.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is "cool and hip" to perform and produce videos in Churches. The "gansta" crowd does it in alleyways in urban centres after a rain.

George O said...

As a photographer, an architect and a man of faith it is difficult to accept the justification of filming a music video in a Church.
The music in itself does not in any way justify these productions.
No matter how good or bad the entertainer.
Recently I photographed a wedding in a beautiful 1880s Church, St. Patrick's, where the ceremony was all the more solemn.
Churches were and are man's most important architectural achievements more than any other building type for all of history.
The filming of a cheesy music video desecrates this glory and should not occur. It is better to have filmed that video in an urban lane way after a rainfall to achieve the mood the producers wanted.
Not in any church or my church.

Brian Anderson said...

Vox: Well said.

I'm with you on this one. Clergy and laity who continue this, just don't "get it." I'm afraid, while our bishops sleep, this will continue. This is all part of the de-sacrilization of our entire lex orandi, a practical outcome, of the re-packaged, morphing Modernism, in which, so much of our clergy and laity have been marinated. This I think explains the "pepper spray", in your direction, by folks, supposedly traditional, who should know better.

Your concern is one of fraternal correction. I hope that those who have attacked you will eventually see it as such.

God Bless

Unknown said...

This is David Wang. Please do not respond with angry comments. We need to respond with charity. Please do not fight fire with fire.

TH2 said...

To Anonymous',

27 June 2013 21:41:00
27 June 2013 23:13:00 (Ian)
27 June 2013 23:32:00
28 June 2013 00:01:00

Hmmmm, I wonder what the reactions would have been if this performance was done in a Muslim mosque, an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue or a Hindu temple? Of course, it would never have been permitted in the first place and, if someone was able to secretly bypass them and do the performance, you can bet your bippy that the reaction of the respective religious leaders would have been anger, declarations of sacrilege, etc.

Would you, Anonymous', have responded in the same emotionalistic, uninformed "Catholic" way to any corrective blog post that those religious leaders may have posted? Of course not.

People who organize such extravaganzas know that they can get away with it because Catholic authorities will say nothing or don't care and let them get away with it. Very nonchalant, such affairs are.

So it is left to a Catholic blogger, loyal to the Magisterium, to do some "fraternal correction" - which Mr. Vox did firmly, but fairly.

So, Anonymous', it is you and your lukewarm irreverent ignorance that is the problem. Not Vox.

Montfort said...

I don't understand why if this video is about a girl singing at the piano, he would film her feet and taking her shoes off. This is bizarre.

She also should not be singing this kind of music in a church.

Barona said...

We need to yield to the truth. We need to discuss the point and not attack persons. Vox has done a very commendable presentation of the facts in this case. I thank Vox for removing the grotesquely vulgar posts in the combox. However, their posting was fruitful for those of us who read them. It manifested to us the warped mindset of those who have lost sensibility and degraded themselves into baseness.

I maintain the video foot filming is bizarre - what is its purpose? What does it serve? Every picture tells a story.

Vox Cantoris said...

It has been necessary to delete most comments due to profanity, vulgarity, calumny and hostility.

Thank you for your understanding.

Barona said...

We live in a sexualized society. Consider the change in norms following the 60s sexual revolution. Think of 1920 - 1950... virtually no change in external attire. Consider 1960 --- then, 1967 and so on. The change was on of the greatest and quickest in history. The influence of pornography and the erotic exploded with this revolution. The most obvious manifestation of this is the clothing worn by women. What is fashionable today would have caused uproar yesterday. Were those people wrong? if they were, will not history condemn those of today in a few years time?

And we are all affected in various degrees by this. I am. Simply by becoming desensitized to things that would have horrified my grandparents.

In my original post, my intention was to draw our attention to these devastating influences upon all of us - including myself - and for us to try to avoid these dangers. Incredibly difficult; as we cannot live in a box. However, we should resist the common culture which thrives on the erotic. Let up pray for each other.