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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 10 June 2013

Bishops such as Danneels take the lead marching into Hell

St. Charles Lwanga did not die in vain; though given the state of the Church and a darkened intellect, one might wonder. Sandro Magister reports today of the small but growing group of Cardinals and others in the Church succumbing to the notion of a quasi-marriage, -- same-sex civil unions.

Sin, particularly sexual sin dulls the intellect. Sodomy, fornication between consenting persons, pornography and masturbation; yes, even chemical and mechanical contraception and sterilisation, all are the same; they all come from the same place, they all lead to the same place. Let's face it, nobody hates the Church for its teachings on helping the poor, but to teach that the insertion of one male part into another, females doing to one another what is against nature, heterosexual intercourse and sexual behaviour behind unmarried persons, self-abuse and the slavery and exploitation of pornography, well the Church needs to shut up then and mind its business or be relegated to a scornful abuse by the secular world.

Even the Catholic world. How many of our bishops and so-called "leaders" in education have fallen for the sodomic notion of gay-straight alliances in Catholic schools disguised as clubs to prevent bullying as if bullying is something akin to Catholics, while our emasculated Cardinals and Bishops sits by and do nothing. No, I am wrong, their "nothing" is consent as silence always is and in fact, one wonders if they are complicit in this scandal for other reasons.

As Magister points out, it was only a decade ago under Blessed John Paul II and the Ratzinger lead CDF that this notion was condemned. What has changed then? Perhaps, they are just succumbing to the pressure of the secular world and think that this is the social-justice cause-celebre which is now the work of the Church or perhaps, there is even a more insidious reason. Perhaps the recent goings-on in Scotland give us a clue.

Magister writes:

One faithful mirror of this new course are the declarations released to the press by Cardinal Godfried Danneels, archbishop emeritus of Mechelen-Brussels, on the eve of his eightieth birthday on June 4.
The Belgian cardinal - who without hypocrisy did not conceal his disappointment at the election of Benedict XVI at the conclave of 2005, and this year was one of the main electors of Pope Francis - stated that the Church “has never opposed the fact that there should exist a sort of 'marriage' between homosexuals, but one therefore speaks of a 'sort of' marriage, not of true marriage between a man and a woman, therefore another word must be found for the dictionary.”
And he concluded:
“About the fact that this should be legal, that it should be made legitimate through a law, about this the Church has nothing to say.”
The Belgian newspaper "Le Soir," in reporting the words of Danneels, added that “the position of the cardinal is shared by Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard," his successor as archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels. The newspaper does not provide the evidence for this agreement. But there is no doubt that Danneels has effectively said, with the frankness that distinguishes him, what other cardinals and prelates have said in recent months.
The media, in fact, have recently reported favorable words on the legal recognition of homosexual unions on the part of at least four leading representatives of the hierarchy of the Church:
- Archbishop Piero Marini, president of the pontifical committee for Eucharistic congresses and formal master of papal ceremonies;
- Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the pontifical council for the family, who afterward corrected himself;
- Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, archbishop of Vienna;
- Colombian Cardinal Rubén Salazar Gómez, archbishop of Bogotà, this latter forced to make a rapid retraction before he received the cardinal's biretta in November of 2012.
Last April 24 the “Vatican spokesman,” Fr. Federico Lombardi, also spoke out on the matter when asked about the definitive parliamentary approval on the part of the French national assembly for “gay marriage,” responding that one must “clearly emphasize that marriage between a man and a woman is a specific and fundamental institution in the history of humanity. This does not change the fact that there could be some recognition of other forms of union between two persons.”

No, I think it is something more.

I think that they all have a reason and it can be found in that dossier -- every cursed one of them! 

Are those listed above part of the sodomite mafia? Where is the dossier? 

It has been over 100 days, Our Holy Father speaks wonderful words, he now needs to act!

St. Charles Lwanga and all you Ugandan Martyrs, who choose the flames of death to give you new life in Christ rather than the sodomic desires of a king who would have preserved your life in this world but led you to the eternal fires; pray for us, pray for the Church!


Barona said...

This ties in perfectly with the on-going criminality in Scotland. How else can we explain the promotion to the Archdiocesan Curia in Glasgow of a priest who has admitted to homosexual behaviour?

Perhaps these moral degenerates are - for some reason - becoming emboldened ?

Brian Anderson said...

Reminds me of some words from St. Athanasius.

"The floor of hell is covered with the skulls of bishops."

I think he would agree with your thoughts completely.

Has our Catholic Church has simply become another fainthearted episcopalianism?