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A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 21 April 2013

The "other" Marini; slanders Benedict XVI and promotes homosexuality

This man is Piero Marini and he is an Archbishop responsible for Eucharistic Congresses. He was Master of Ceremonies for nearly two decades to Pope John Paul II and a disciple of Annibale Bugnini and responsible for some of the worst excesses of the inane liturgical experimentation of the late Pope's papacy. Now, in an interview with John Allen, he has the temerity to criticize Benedict XVI for living around "paintings and gold." Did not John Paul II live around the same "paintings and gold?" Where was his criticism then? Why did he not say something in the first two years that he was Master of Ceremonies to Pope Benedict XVI or was he himself hypocritically enjoying the art and gold?
Pope John Paul II and Father Marcial Maciel

Piero Marini has the temerity to speak about the sexual abuse crisis; yet he was right there when the homosexual/bisexual, abusive Maciel came to numerous times to Rome.

What is it about homosexuality that has darkened these supposed great minds. The word itself is barely 150 years old having first appeared in 1869; up until then it was called what it was, sodomy and it was a sinful behaviour, not another gender or an orientation. Up until the early 1970's it was considered to be a psychiatric disorder. The Church still does and will always consider its action, "intrinsically disordered." Yet, here we have another prelate promoting its acceptance. While I cannot speak for all countries, if two people wish to enter into a relationship where assets or hospital visitation access or inheritance is desired, these already exist. Powers of Attorney for finances or personal care are part of our legislative system; trusts, inheritance  wills and so on; so-called same-sex marriage or as promoted by Marini "civil-unions" are not, were not necessary, the laws already exist. This is about the destruction of the family, the bedrock of a stable society.

That a prelate seems so overly occupied with this certainly raises more than a few questions.

It makes one wonder just what was in that dossier prepared by the three Cardinals for the new Holy Father under the command of our Emeritus Pontiff.

Yes, it truly makes one wonder.

This Marini is 70 years old. 

Biology will fix things soon enough. 


Montfort said...

What can we expect when the Scottish hierarchy promotes homosexuals?

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Vox, you had me agreeing until the very last line.

The Biological Solution solves everyone. And the next generation will be saying that about us soon enough.

It is a just piece, it would be better without the parting shot.

Barona said...

Perhaps Pope Francis will try his hammer out on the Scots; then turn it on the Romans!