Sunday, 20 January 2013

More Toronto media and university hypocrisy


A week ago, I wrote here about the situation at the Newman Centre in Toronto over the Courage program at the University of Toronto. An article appeared in the getting thinner Globe and Mail and a whole two weeks later has found its way into the even less relevant Toronto Star. The Newman Center is on Catholic land withing vicinity of the University of Toronto.

Last week, the "sexual education centre" at the same university announced a special relationship with a Toronto swingers' club with discounts for students.

The Toronto media and various university groups, executives and others are hyperventilating that a Catholic Chaplain at a Catholic Church would actually teach and promote Catholicism, in this case, chastity for those with same-sex attraction (and opposite-sex attraction for that matter) whilst at the same time, bubbly over about a swingers club.

If there can be any other recent example in this city of how deranged this university, our Toronto media and our culture have become, this writer hard pressed to identify it.

A message first to the haters out there. Courage is not about changing anyone into a heterosexual. Courage is not about condemnation, now, get over it and stop hyperventilating; grow up and grow a real pair because there is more to life than being governed by your gonads.  

Mass attendance is allegedly down since some people have reportedly left the parish over this matter. Sad to see them go but may I suggest that one reads the Gospel of St. John, chapter 6 to see WJWD for a greater understanding into this matter.

The message to everyone else is this; Why not visit the Newman Center and St. Thomas Aquinas Church and attend Mass there today at 11:00 A.M. or 7:00 P.M. to show your support for the young people there and the good work being done by its dedicated, caring and committed Pastor and Chaplain, Father Chris Cauchi

If that's not possible, then let us all pray for him.

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Gabby said...

I find it interesting that nobody has bothered to compare Courage's Twelve Steps to AA's Twelve Steps. Practically identical, yet we don't hear anyone screaming blue murder that alcoholics are being told they're insane.