Saturday, 8 September 2012

St. Joseph's Ottawa--more liturgical abuse!

Well the liturgical innovations at St. Joseph's Ottawa continue unabated. These people are so bold because they've been allowed to get away with this for decades. 

From last week's bulletin:

"The Creed: You will notice that we recite the Creed only during the seasons of Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, and on special occasions. We believe that our very presence here and our participation speaks of our faith."'
From the General Instruction on the Roman Missal:

GIRM # 67. "The purpose of the Symbolum or Profession of Faith, or Creed, is that the whole gathered people may respond to the word of God proclaimed in the readings taken from Sacred Scripture and explained in the homily and that they may also call to mind and confess the great mysteries of the faith by reciting the rule of faith in a formula approved for liturgical use, before these mysteries are celebrated in the Eucharist."

GIRM # 68. "The Creed is to be sung or said by the priest together with the people on Sundays and Solemnities. It may be said also at particular celebrations of a more solemn character. If it is sung, it is begun by the priest or, if this is appropriate, by a cantor or by the choir. It is sung, however, either by all together or by the people alternating with the choir. If not sung, it is to be recited by all together or by two parts of the assembly responding one to the other." During the Children's Masses, the Apostle's Creed may be substituted for the Nicene Creed so the children may learn both.

and this:

"Just before we all process for communion, the priest holds up the bread and wine and says: "We proclaim our faith in the Body and Blood of Christ," and the community says "Amen" as one body. Then all are invited to come forward to receive the bread and wine, body and blood."

Redemptionis Sacramentum [59.] The reprobated practice by which Priests, Deacons or the faithful here and there alter or vary at will the texts of the Sacred Liturgy that they are charged to pronounce, must cease. For in doing thus, they render the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy unstable, and not infrequently distort the authentic meaning of the Liturgy.

At times during the year, they also have liturgical dance, drama and rites of initiation celebrated during Mass. If you have questions or want more information, please contact Mary Murphy, Pastoral Director or 613-233-4095 ext 227.

Time to write to Archbishop Prendergast, methinks.

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