Sunday, 20 May 2012

SSPX Canada District Superior -- "Let us trust in the leadership"

In the past year, the SSPX District Superior moved from Toronto to their new St. Joseph Centre at St-Césaire, Quebec Father Jürgen Wegner. I came to know Father Wegner a little while he was in Toronto as I sang Tenebrae with them one Triduum a few years ago. He is a fine priest and has issued an extensive letter dealing exclusively with the current situation between the Holy See and the SSPX.

Let us remember today, those Catholics in Canada who attend Mass at the SSPX Mass Centres and that those who have doubts and do not trust the Holy Father and have in fact, developed a "schismatic mentality," some of whom I know, will humble themselves to the words of Father Wegner, the former District Superior now in the United States, Father Rostand and of course, to Bishop Fellay. Let us also not fall victim to rumour mongering or spread unfortunate misinformation.
Here is the introduction but please go to Rorate Caeli to read it in its entirely.

Dear friends and benefactors,

There has been, during the past few weeks, a veritable flood of articles and opinions concerning the relations between Rome and the SSPX. The information provided by these texts may seem alarming and even contradictory, threatening to trouble our peace of mind and obscure our judgment. I would like, during these confusing times, to outline clearly the purpose of the Society, its common and unwavering aim to promote the Catholic faith, and the importance of unity.

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