Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How a New Mass Composition SHOULD Sound!

One of the joys of having a blog are the little gems we find in the combox.
Dear Vox,

As an alternative to a lot of this awful music, I have written a congregational setting of the new translation with SATB choral writing, that I invite you to listen to. Perhaps this might relieve you of your despair - not all new Church music is bad...

Yours in prayer and beauty,


Dear Chris,

Thank you for leaving the note and thank you for your beautiful composition. I can't stop listening to the Sanctus, it is exceptionally well crafted, beautiful with dignity; it lifts the mind and heart, I want to sing this next Christmastide! Yes, you are correct, not all new music is "bad." There is much good work being done by you, Keven Allen, Jeff Ostrowski and so many others. This is such great news and your music above shows how unfortunate the offerings being put forward by Canada's bishops.

Friends, Chris is right, there is good music being written today. But you need to ask for it to introduce it to your pastor or choir director and not accept the drivel being put forward in your parish. This is not just a matter of preference like wanting anchovies on your pizza. Some things are just plain wrong, like pineapple on pizza as an example.

You're a grown up Catholic now.

You have the internet, you don't need the "professional liturgist" or talking-head media cleric to tell you, you can find it for yourself.

Now, go forth and sing!


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Dear Vox,

You are very kind to repost my link. I hope that your readers find it as inspiring as you have. God invented beauty, and we're worshiping him, so Mass ought to be beautiful. It's as simple as that.

Best wished in all your liturgical music making (and blogging), and let us praise the Lord for his everlasting goodness!

- Chris