Thursday, 1 April 2010

It behooves us to glory in the Cross

Do you see him? There he is, in the back corner, only with half his face showing. The betrayer. The one to whom Our LORD said, "it would be better that he had not been born." What would have happened had the one to whom a few hours later following this Supper, Our LORD called "Friend" had repented; either then in the Garden or the next day on Mount Calvary, at the Cross. The same cross as tonight's Introit or Entrance Antiphon tells us that in it "we should glory". For in that "cross of our Lord Jesus Christ: is our "salvation, our life and our resurrection; through him we are saved and made free." Judas denied Him the opportunity to show His great mercy. Let us not betray Him or His Church or Vicar; let us all remain steadfast at this difficult time. Let us remember at every liturgy this weekend Pope Benedict XVI and offer up prayers for his benefit and health. Let us remember that this purification is necessary and the "gates of Hell shall not prevail."

On this night there is much to recall liturgically. The betrayal, the institution of the Priesthood, the mandatum novum---the giving of a new commandment to love one another exemplified through the Washing of the Feet, the desire that we "all be one" and of course, the "source and summit of Christian life" the Holy Eucharist.

Pray, my brother and sisters; pray hard this weekend. Do not desert your faith because of the attack. This is the time to stand firm, to be Soldier of Christ. Remember, they hated Him and they hate us too.

This is why we were born.

Praise God!

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