Monday, 14 December 2009

Diane Francis -- YOU have a lot to answer for!

I will not link to the last week's column by Diane Francis in the National Post-Financial Post; I'm sure that you heard. In it, Ms Francis a Jewess and socialist who should certainly know better given the suffering of her ancestors at the hands of National Socialist, demands that the world adopt a "one-child policy" similar to that communist China.

Last Friday on FOX News' O'Reilly Factor, Francis was interviewed by Laura Ingraham.

Francis made the following statement:

"What happens with the Catholic Church under this utopian vision of either people having no children or just one child?" asked Ingraham.

"Well the Catholic Church I think has a lot ... to answer for in terms of encouraging people to have children they can't afford," Francis responded.

No, Ms Francis, you are wrong. YOU have a lot to answer for.

And one more thing.

Keep your hands off my religion!

I'd love to see Conrad Black take her on!

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Joe Rathwell said...

We live in a culture of death; what a beautiful time to be alive, a living witness.

Come Holy Spirit, enlighten our hearts, to see the things which are of God;
Come Holy Spirit into our minds the that we may know the things that are of God;
Come Holy Spirit into our souls, that we belong only to god.
Sanctify all that we think, say and do, that all will be for the glory of God. Amen