Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Clarity of Benedict

Moving on from the mass mess of this morning...

Pope Benedict addressed Catholic educators and said;

...any appeal to the principle of academic freedom in order to justify positions that contradict the faith and the teaching of the Church would obstruct or even betray the university's identity and mission; a mission at the heart of the Church's munus docendi and not somehow autonomous or independent of it.

Later, he addressed representatives of other faiths Judaism, Mohammedism, Jainists, Buddhists, Hindus but no Sikh's because of their kirpans; nor were there Christian ecclesiastical communities. To them he said;

Confronted with these deeper questions concerning the origin and destiny of mankind, Christianity proposes Jesus of Nazareth. He, we believe, is the eternal Logos who became flesh in order to reconcile man to God and reveal the underlying reason of all things. It is he whom we bring to the forum of inter-religious dialogue. The ardent desire to follow in his footsteps spurs Christians to open their minds and hearts in dialogue.

Well, he told them...

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