Thursday, 25 June 2015

Vatican hypocrisy or a state of denial to the obvious?

We have heard recently from Pope Francis himself about air conditioning, weapons manufacturers and the military strategy in World War II. We can determine that air conditioning is bad, weapons manufacturers are hypocrites if they call themselves Christians and World War II strategy was wrong and bombing methods then are being grossly confused with modern technological advances in military precision.

At some point, one must ask if Pope Francis is beginning to suffer from dementia. I don't mean this in a derogatory way but in the actual medical understanding

Presenting beach balls to the Blessed Mother on the Altar of God? The rambling and incoherence of some of his talks, particularly last Sunday in Turin is evident that something may be wrong. When we consider the range of insults that have come forth from his mouth over the last two and one-half years, what is the typical Catholic person who is desirous to be charitable left to think? 

My never married godmother and "Old maid" Auntie who died at 104 year-old was also a "Rosary counter" (that's a bad thing? we used to call these "spiritual bouquets"). Or perhaps we can consider being called a "Formenter of coprophagia" (had to look that one up - yes it is what it is and he said it and probably from where we get the word, crap, A "Functionary" might actually be a good thing depending on the circumstances and then we have the "self-absorbed, Promethean neo-Pelagian" which is my utmost favourite because I think he was talking directly to me. 

Well, who am I too judge, eh?

On more than one occasion here, here and here; I raised the question of the ownership by the Catholic Church in Germany of a publisher that regularly published pornography and erotica. For a decade, Catholics in Germany raised this matter with their bishops and were ignored. We have yet to here conclusively if the Church has divested of its ownership in Weltbild and what it did with the profits earned from filth, evil and sin. We have yet to hear what public penance has been done to make amends to God for this betrayal.

Where is the comment from the Pope or a senior German Cardinal about this scandal?

Is the plastic bubble that the Pope rides in air conditioned? Is the Domus Santa Marta or the chapel where he offers daily Mass? Does the jet that will bring him to around the world fly on water and expel steam? Has the Swiss Guard given up its collection of weapons?

How many are aware that Carrier, that's right, the air-conditioning global corporation that makes profit and employs over 40,000 people who can feed their families, has provided two innovative water-cooled chillers each with 580 kilowatts of capacity to cool and regulate the humidity of the Sistine Chapel?

Carrier is owned by United Technologies which also manufactures Sikorsky Helicopters, Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines and UTC Aerospace Systems all with military, defense and weapons components.

This is nothing less than complete and utter hypocrisy.

It is either that, or the Pope himself is suffering from dementia and he has been surrounded with the most vile and despicable cardinals and monsignore since the renaissance who are taking advantage of his condition.

It is to leave one with nothing except this: 


FrereRabit said...

As you have already reported here, the atheist IPCC member who helped present the encyclical is a keen Malthusian who wants to see drastic population reduction. The Catholic Church has now allied itself with rather dangerous forces. If our Church goes into competition with Islamic State in population reduction, I think the latter will be a clear winner.

Islamic State has now upstaged the Vatican on climate change policy, as reported on my donkey blog yesterday:

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

If Pope Francis seriously believes that air conditioning is immoral, then he truly is an idiot. I would welcome him to spend any summer in virtually any part of the United States -- particularly the Atlantic Seaboard, the Midwest or the Southeast (where heat and humidity are strong), or in the deserts of the Southwest (where dry heat is intense).

Besides, poor people -- the Pope's true god, btw -- benefit from air conditioning, too.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Vatican came out against vaccination against disease during this papacy.

Lynda said...

It's the lack of reason that comes with all modernist heresy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such an informative and sensible post, especially the suggestion that the Pope's plane is a wonder that is water propelled and gives off steam.

Pope Francis says many inappropriate things, and calling reporters who may stir up the crap encouragers of eating the stuff is one of the most glaring examples.

Perhaps Francis wouldn't think his remark unfair, for he announced that he wanted to "make a mess" as Pope and has managed beyond many people's expectations. This bunny's nose detects a very unpleasant aroma and thinks it would be a very bad idea for the Pope to turn off the air conditioning at the Vatican!