Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Labourious Instrument from Hell

The Instrumentum Laboris 2015 is upon us. For whatever my opinion is worth, I cannot assess it any better than these. Rorate Caeli has done excellent analysis and translation as has One Peter FiveSuffice to say, Kasper's deceitful offerings have made it in. The Catholic Church is being betrayed by those who are there to govern and sanctify the faithful.

Yet, Mundabor has captured it in his most unique way with a spot-on reference to St. John the Baptist. Indeed he is right. These men in Rome know more than St. John the Baptist whose Birth Feast was just celebrated. Let me give you a little bit of what he writes:
Where was St John’s compassion? Did he know anything about inclusiveness? Had he ever heard of mercy? Why did not prepare a path for Heros and Herodias? Why this cruel exclusion? How could St John ask Herodias and Herod Antipas to… just split? Destroy a new family? Destroy a new reality? With a child in it?

How brilliant and yet, how bloody obvious on Mundabor's part. 

St. John the Baptist's actions against Herod, Herodias and Salome would be condemned today by these men. How can they, in all good conscience, put forward the paragraphs that lay within this document and actually think that they are serving Our Lord Jesus Christ? Reading their intentions is tantamount to calling St. John the Baptist a fool and a liar.

It seems to me that it is quite simple. These men in the Vatican have lost the faith, if they ever had it. They certainly do not believe in supernatural faith and they do not believe in Hell. Well, they surely will when they get there and that is where they will go if they continue down this road to betray Our Lord, His Church and faithful, should they not repent. 

Yes. These theologians, priests, bishops and cardinals will go to Hell. If they do not believe it exists, they will. 
Ponder that for a moment. If they do not repent, they will go to Hell.

These are evil men with evil intentions. They will attempt to change doctrine through stealth. They have told us so already.

Your job and mine is to call them out without ceasing. We must challenge the satanic verses within this Instrumentum Laboris that would undermine doctrine, morality  and the Holy Eucharist. We must stand firm against any change in the wording or approach on the matter of sodomy and those suffering from same-sex attraction as described in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

The battle is called, the gauntlet has been thrown down; and to think, it is the Pope himself, possibly naive, possibly suffering from dementia and surrounded by evil, filthy and deceitful men that has given us this spiritual distress and scandal against the faith. These cannot be the actions of the Holy Spirit, it is simply not possible. 

It must be one of naivety or dementia because if it is not, then there is only one other explanation and that is simply too horrible to even contemplate.



Lynda said...

The reason this evil document was allowed is the same as for all the other evil effected by the Holy See - Francis is a manifest, pertinacious heretic.

Dorota said...

It needs to be contemplated. I was taught at the age of 5 that God gave us reason and free will. We should use them upon seeing evidence.

TLM said...

Indeed Vox, they will 'believe in hell when they get there', but by then it will be too late. I love that line by Padre Pio, as it is so fitting in observation of these faithless prelates that are infecting the Vatican. Nothing Catholic about them, and the Lord will spit them out of His mouth and say 'be gone, I never knew you'. I pray for them to convert and repent. And possibly there is something wrong with the Pope as he is not only heretical but sometimes completely and utterly incoherent. Indeed the entire Vatican needs Fr. Amorth (the famous exorcist) I do believe, if the Bishops of Mexico can exorcize the entire country of Mexico, he and a team of exorcists can do the same at the Vatican.

We need to pray intensely for Pope Francis. I remember the speech he first gave on the airplane, (the 'who am I to judge' speech) where he said the gay 'cabal' was his biggest and 'most serious' problem. Something evil is going on there that we probably have no idea about.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

TLM said...

To add to my previous post, in his infamous 'airplane speech' he did elaborate and say that the 'homosexual tendency' in and of itself is not the sin. We must help those people with compassion, love and support. It was the gay activists.....the 'out and proud' gay people that were in 'great sin'. It leads me to think at times that the wolves in the Vatican have overtaken him somehow. I wouldn't put anything at all past those evil men.

viterbo said...

I think Lynda hits the nail on the head. Though I think that the "attempt to change doctrine" has been going on since Vatican II, which universally imposed a new ecclesiology that has radically changed the nature of the parish and the those who run it. With the very understanding of what the Catholic Church herself is and is not having been 'updated', the way was clear for all subsequent contradictions to be implimented. The new ecumenism and the new 'charity', which evinces little interest in loving and knowing and serving God, is why sin has been rehabilited and the charitable warnings of God revealed through His bride, dismissed.

Damask Rose said...

Hello, I've just been scrolling through your posts and I can't believe this downright rubbish is happening in the Church. It's like some kind of nightmare I want to wake up from now.

Tony La Rosa said...

The betrayal officially started at Vatican II against the Divine Law, but because we still have not sufficiently opposed that betrayal, I believe God is going to let the churchmen have a field day with the Natural Law. This, hopefully, will cause people who adhere to Vatican II to finally wake up.

Carla Nieto said...

Thank you. I appreciate and am very glad of of your treatment of this. We must always respect the Vicar of Christ no matter who he is. On the naive/uninformed+bad advisors side, I'd like to remind everyone on what Pope Francis said in an interview: he has not watched tv in 20+ (20 or 25?, I forgot, but something like that) years, he doesn't know how to use the internet and only reads newspapers 10 mins. per day (probably not the best newspaper too). So of course he could have people print the internet stuff for him, but besides the matter of who would be choosing the content, the idea I take away from those statements is that he is not very concerned with what's being said in the world any way. I really wish he were. On the flip side of the coin, all the things that happened during the synod where he was in such close proximity, his statements, his interviews, like the one with the Argentinian newspaper... Those are... well, it would be a stretch to explain those away as.. I don't know what. So it could be a mixture of things, some even very bad, who knows. We can't know the exact ingredients for sure, not yet at least. And I find it very exhausting to try any more. Besides, I rather keep my self aware that one day Jesus will ask me about judging his Vicar and I really don't want to be there. I think it's clear that something is very WRONG. But speculation is useless. And name-calling is very dangerous... for the one doing it.

Remnant Clergy said...

The real answer is the one that you say is too horrible to contemplate. The False Prophet is here. Time to wake up!