Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Coming Schism - the Devil has Germany by the Throat, again!

How many posts on this blog and others have been written about the heretical, and schismatic stench coming from what seems to be the majority of Bishops of Germany. 

Maria Meaney has addressed the "German Effect" a number of times at the aptly named Crisis Magazine and writes today that:
"Friedrich Nietzsche prophesied the death of God with empty churches as a consequence. But it didn’t take outsiders to kill God. His people and especially his apostles are perfectly capable. For by hitting marriage in its center, we kill love itself. It is absolutely central to our lives, to our salvation, to our society and for the well-being of our children. A Christianity that pretends it can do without marriage while claiming to be acting out of compassion, has taken on the trappings of Christianity while leaving us with an empty shell. This is one of the faces of the anti-Christ rearing its ugly head as it has throughout history. Our society has already fallen for it hook, line and sinker. We abort our children in the name of compassion, and kill the elderly out of mercy. We produce children for the infertile while killing the imperfect in the process. We call for mercy for the divorced and remarried, yet throw the children of the original marriage together with the abandoned spouse under the bus. This is the nasty underbelly of a false kind of compassion and mercy. By their fruits you shall know them. The signs, I think, are clear for those who are willing to see."
We must wake up the realisation of what is on our doorstep in a few short months. When we examine how the German bishops have betrayed the faith and we consider the latest from rogue priests who prefer sodomy to Christ we can know that the path is clear for us to discern our duty. 

Let us take the Light of Christ out the cave of our minds and hearts and proclaim it to the world.


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Friedrich Nietzsche is definitely dead.