Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ottawa Priest Samson now calls Cardinal Burke's statements "Violent"

In the continuing scandal brewing in the Archdiocese of Ottawa, Big Blue Wave is reporting that Father Andre Samson who has been defaming Raymond Cardinal Burke on CBC Radio Canada and Twitter has now said that the Cardinal's statements on homosexuality have been "violent."

University of Ottawa faculty photo
"What he says against homosexuality, I find that violent." A violence that not only targets gays in the general population, but also is also directed against priests and bishops. Samson reckons that many of his fellow priests and bishops are gay. "He is just as violent towards gay priests and gay bishops, and I find that sad."

The above was stated in an interview with Radio Ville-Marie and has been translated fully by Big Blue Wave

Samson has said Tweeted in the last few days calling Cardinal Burke a "clown" and a "drag queen."

The Church in Ottawa has been lead in the past by Ordinaries who have permitted much dissent by priests and laity alike specifically, Plourde and Gervais. The current Archbishop, Terrence Prendergast, S.J., has been making an effort to turn the situation. Clearly, he needs to do much more. 

He can be reached at (corrected). The Apostolic Nuncio to Canada is Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi; he can be reached at

There is only truth and beauty in what the Cardinal has to say.

Meanwhile, the Vatican is now aware of this matter, for whatever good that will do.


torchofthefaith said...

Heard Cardinal Burke speak in Chester (UK) earlier this year.

His Eminence speaks in a calm tone with great clarity of articulation and charity of expression.

This attempt to frame his rhetoric as 'violent' shows just where we are up to in the persecution of Truth and those who wish to adhere to it. The promotion of the homosexualist agenda by a priest responsible for souls is shocking and his irreverent tweets describing Cardinal Burke as a 'clown' and 'drag queen' are despicable.

It calls to mind the way the Communists dressed the great Cardinal Josef Mindszenty as a clown and beat him after his arrest and detainment.

May Our Lord preserve those who love Him in these diabolically disoriented times.

Kevin McAuley said...

Vox, I truly appreciate all you do for us Catholics without a public voice. I have to say though, getting proof of the Vatican viewing your blog... Priceless. That is cool and awesome. Sometimes we feel the world is so big and we are so small that the powers that be can't hear us. This is great. Thank you sincerely.

Anonymous said...

That address to the archbishop appears to be bogus. Returned to me repeatedly even with corrected spelling of Ottawa.

Chloe said...

I have heard Cardinal Burke speak many times. And as you say, he speaks only truth and beauty. His charity shines from him. It's easy to think he's tough and strong and able to take this kind of attack and, with God's help, he is. But I think it breaks his heart too. The kind of love that shines forth from him is the kind that comes at a high price. We need to pray hard to support men like him. (Not that there's many of them) May God bless him and his tireless work.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous at 1:24

Thank you, I checked my own email and it bounced back as well, I had the destination wrong, dot com instead of ca. I've corrected it now on the posts.

The address is:


Anonymous said...

Alas, Vox. I had composed what I thought was a very good letter to His Excellency, but the bounces back as well. Sad as it is to say, writing to the papal nuncio seems like it could be counterproductive as the Roman agenda seems at odds to pockets of provincial orthodoxy. It could backfire.

The Anonymous Flower

Anonymous said...

. I tried it a few weeks ago and it worked.
Try this emai:

Thomas Lewis said...

Such a Strong Name Samson. Such a weak character Samson. A good name despoiled b a weak character does no one any good. Fr. Andre Samson in which he said Cardinal Burke dressed like a “drag queen” because of his preference for gaudy liturgical vestments."It's both carnavalesque and sad, this invitation to Ottawa, " he said. "It's carnavalesque because it's completely cut off from reality. And it's sad because that's not the way we will create an interest among young people for the Church and for Gospel values in general."
"But beyond the public image and the superficial vision of the individual, there's also what he says," continued the priest, who openly proclaims his homosexuality.
"The way he talks about gays and homosexuality in general... a Canadian politician with the same rhetoric would be forced to resign the next morning, " he said.
SO MUCH FOR CANADIAN STRENGHT, SO MUCH VISIBILITY OF CANADIAN WEAKNESS. What kind of men are these who speak like feminist women in the face of a tough world, but also mainly in face of a Country like Canada that has fallen for such foolishness and supporting gay lifestyles in front of families and children. This MAN IS NOT TO BE CONSIDERED A PRIEST BY ANYONE WHO IS CATHOLIC.

When the Truth is spoken as it has been with the Catholic Church for over 2000 years a Cardinal would have said the following phrase at any one moment in time.

Last February, during an interview given on the French television channel France 2, Cardinal Burke declared that homosexuality is "against nature."

"What he says against homosexuality, I find that violent." A violence that not only targets gays in the general population, but also is also directed against priests and bishops. Samson reckons that many of his fellow priests and bishops are gay. "He is just as violent towards gay priests and gay bishops, and I find that sad."

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @5:28pm: Your address worked! Attention everyone! Write to the Archbishop Pendergast at: and make known your grave concerns re: Father Samson.

The Anonymous Flower

Anonymous said...

He calls Cardinal Burke a drag queen ,but is he not an admirer of drag queens ,if that's meant as an insult ,he will have to deal with some pretty angry drag queens ,by using that term as an insult ,he is discriminating against drag queens.In the pc world ,one has to be sooooo careful not to ruffle anyones feathers,I fear he does not practice what he preaches.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the good Cardinal Burk. The man has thick skin he has been attacked for preaching the Truth and this won't be the last time. We must pray for those Homosexaul priests who attack the good Cardinal that should have never became priests in the first place they never had a vocation. Their poor souls are in jeopardy.

Aloysius Gonzaga said...

There are hundreds of people who work at the Vatican, most of them are probably clerics. I wouldn't put too much interpretation into the fact that someone with a computer at the Vatican was reading your blog.

Vox Cantoris said...


I posted the picture of the for humour. We know that the Holy Father neither watches television or uses the Internet and he only reads the masonic/communist Le Republica. He doe not even read O'sservatore Romano.

This blog actually receives numerous readers from on mulitiple I.P. addresses. as its own web address, has thousands of computers attached to its domain and it ISP. Not ever computer as an I.P. address but every connection does. Since I can track various different I.P. addresses what I can say is that multiple "departments" are reading various posts.

What is good to note is that this came in on the link to the article, not just to meaning that this article was in fact, read.

So, what does this mean or prove?

Well, there are people in the Vatican reading blogs. From my research, based on I.P. addresses, they are primarily in the Secretariat of State and Communications, obviously. As to "who" is reading this post, this blog or any others. It could be anyone from a clerk to a Curial Prefect.

The point is, the information is getting out and someone at the Holy See is reading this and others. I can tell you Rorate Caeli is in the top 90,000 most read blogs in the .com domain. That is incredible and you know what, everyone in the Vatican reads it, even those who hate it.

The Internet is a tool for evil and a tool for good. As remarked by Kevin above, this gives little people like us an ability to respond to these heretics and deceivers as nobody in history before them. We can know that somebody has noticed and that is a good thing.