Saturday, 24 January 2015

Richard III, Catholic King of England - God save the King!

Last night, the Vox and Fox watched "It's a Wonderful Life" as we did not get to see it over the holidays of Christmas, (yes, the tree is still up until Candlemas). The story is well known and George Bailey is given a gift to see what the world of Bedford Falls and further - a warship in the Pacific - would have been like without him.

It brings to mind another life, that of King Richard III and Henry VII of the House of Tudor, King of England father of Henry VIII.

Father Z has a post on King Richard III's upcoming "Anglican" funeral. A sad thing to be sure considering he was a Catholic. The funeral should be in the Sarum Rite without question. The column which he includes in the story has a quote from a British historian that a Catholic funeral would be the most appropriate and that had Richard not been murdered, the Anglican Church probably would not have happened.

I left the following comment:
Richard III was of the House of Plantagenet; the Anglican Church would not have happened, not probably. In fact, the murder changed the course of world history. Think about it. If England had continued as a Catholic land one presumes it would have still engaged in world exploration as did the Spanish, French and Portuguese but what would have been the result? What would it have meant for Canada? If the French were still defeated at the Plains of Abraham would not all of Canada have been Catholic? What about Australia? More importantly, what of the United States? There would have been no pilgrims. Would the native peoples have been treated differently, more akin to how the French did in Canada? One would presume that the War of Independence would not have happened as it did, the Colonies may have developed more as Canada did, and the United States would have been Catholic. What would have been the impact on the rest of the world? On Islam? Would Luther’s heresies died out or been reduced t0 a sect of parts of Europe? Would the French Revolution occurred in the manner that it did? What lives were wiped out in England in its own Catholic persecution? What would the continuation of the Plantagenet line at the War of the Roses meant today for evangelisation of the world?
It is incredible to think of the possibilities.

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Aged parent said...

Fascinating, Vox. One begins to see how different the world would have been, thanks to your post.