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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Mother of Mary Wagner responds to Michael Coren

Broadcaster Michael Coren, a Catholic has publicly and harshly criticized Mary Wagner as described in the blog below. 

Jane Wagner, Mary's mother has written a response to Mr. Coren; it deserves to be read and with her permission it is posted below:

Michael, you have missed the point entirely. You said that Mary went to the abortion clinic to be arrested. Wrong. Mary goes to the abortion clinic in an eleventh hour attempt to save the life of a baby who is being carried to his appointment with death. She knows that it is likely that she will be arrested, but she never gives up hope that other pro-lifers will join her there and make it impossible for the judicial system to handle the crowd. You said that she is breaking the law. Yes, a law that is wrong. In the same way that good Germans broke the law in hiding Jews from the Nazi exterminators in the great war. You made other personal disparaging remarks about Mary while defending the indefensible, our Justice system. It is easy for us on the outside, who lead banal and pseudo peaceful lives, to consider the actions of Mary to be reprehensible. So were the acts of Christ, so much so that the political powers of that day had to crucify Him to silence him. I hope this isn't what has to happen to Mary to get you on side. Or maybe you will think she brought it on herself. You resent the Poles for calling us a Fascist country, which by our very actions define us to be. How can you be a proud Canadian when you know that our government supports the wholesale slaughter of innocents, and has a law in place to protect them from public outcry? I wonder which side you really sit on Michael. As Mary's mother, I am deeply ashamed of you and those who share your thinking. Jane Wagner.
Treated as a Catholic heroine in Poland and a pariah by our own as Barona reports.


Anonymous said...

Soon, all the Christian will be persecuted, because the laws will turn more and more against us.

I do not know all the details, but why Maria is in prison for trespassing?

I do not think that this is lawful. Prison is not a result of trespassing.

Edison Frisbee said...

Between this and his kow-towing to homosexuals, Coren has really gone off the deep end.

The Goat said...

I wonder if Michael Coren is going to march in the Pride Parade this year.

Barona said...

Let us pray for him to repent, and to convert.

Anonymous said...

I pray for Mary and all people who safe life of this little angels. I'm from Poland and met Mary. She is brave woman. I supose that one day this all unborn child will be having voice before God to say about this who safed their life and this who was hard against their life....some of people are more cruel in it than this poor woman who go to kill their child....