Monday, 19 January 2015

Manila's Shame





Aloysius Gonzaga said...

Give it to me! Me! Me! Me! That's all that matters in the Church today. The holiness of the Sacred Host counts for nothing. Thank the Novus Ordo Missae for this attitude.

Barona said...

Very, very sad. They have overturned the altars, profaned the Sanctuary.

Eliseo Zompanti said...

Is that the way they would have treated the body of our Lord at Calvary. The crisis in the Church today, is ultimately a Eucharistic crisis. Catholics by and large believe that the Eucharist is an "it" not a "Him". A cookie, rather than the Holy Sacrifice of the Lamb. What is baffling is that, do not our priests and Bishops, with all due respect, see what we see from the pews as we look round during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The sea of indifference, disrespect and lack of reverence for our Eucharistic Lord.

If satan can't stop you from going to the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, he will follow you to the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, to truly make you deaf, dumb, blind and indifferent to our Eucharistic Lord. And judging but what I see in the pews on Sundays, he's damned good at it.