Saturday, 31 January 2015

Does Michael Coren support euthanasia?

Oh Michael, I had no idea that you were so gentle, sensitive, so caring and just so warm and fuzzy. The manner in which you interviewed this poor distraught woman from the so-called "Death With Dignity" group which has just had its charitable tax status revoked is just so, so -- tolerant and sweet.

Not viewing your program any more, I depend on good friends out there to let me know the latest; so here's a shout out to C.B for this!

Oh Michael, Michael: Did you really say this?
"Again if someone we know has a month or two to live and it will be a month or two of intense suffering, it does seem to me to be, um somehow very selfish, to say you have to live that amount of time." Michael Coren
Yep, you did!

The teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church as to the suffering of the sick is profound and beautiful and a core teaching of our faith. There is merit in suffering. Further, the Church is quite clear that pain can be alleviated and that palliative care is a beautiful and charitable action towards the dying. 

For another reflection on redemptive suffering, let us turn to this man:
"Recognising the necessity for suffering I have tried to make of it a virtue. If only to save myself from bitterness, I have attempted to see my personal ordeals as an opportunity to transform myself and heal the people involved in the tragic situation which now obtains. I have lived these last few years with the conviction that unearned suffering is redemptive." Martin Luther King, Jr.
Would Michael be so gentle and kind interviewing a currently jailed activist for life and against the slaughter of the unborn?

Oh my little dyspeptic friend, do you support Michael on this too? Will you write to the CR about it?

I'm such a TBB, oh goodness, what will I do? 

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