Sunday, 25 January 2015

All things on heaven and earth submit to the Cross of Christ

The Arab world has a disease. It is sick and fruitless. As one of Lebanese ancestry, I am particularly able to say it. They have given the world nothing good. What good has come in 1500 years? Right, you can't name it because there is nothing. No great scientific achievement, no medical discovery. No feet of engineering. No art. No great cultural advance, No great spectacle of engineering. No musical gifts for the world. No genius. Nothing! Nothing good for the world. Nothing but blood and terror inside their lands and wherever they have gone in the world.

These desert Bedouin have destroyed the great cultures of Egypt, of Babylon and Chaldea, of Assyria, of Persia and of Mount Lebanon; all which had become Christian within their ancient cultures. They've extended their reach to Asia and have done nothing for those in poverty. What culture now exists in these lands other than poverty and hatred? 

What have they done with their wealth. Wealth they did not earn but sat upon until the British taught them how to get it out of the ground. Where is the generosity to the Palestinians to educate, build factories and hospitals and research institutes and live in peace with their neighbour? The Arabs don't care about about the Palestinians, they never did. It is not in their pathetic interest to see them prosper in peace with the Jews because they need the Jews to focus hatred and envy and war and death. Where is their filthy oil money? Why does it not help to alleviate suffering in the lands that their false prophet religion has dominated. How many suffer in Bangladesh and these filthy oil sheiks sit by. 

The world is to mourn the death of a desert King? Well, may the Triune God have mercy upon him but at least he knows now the truth about his so-called prophet. 

They twisted the truth because they hate and named the bastard son of Abraham as Isaac instead of Ismael the real bastard and they rejected the Light of Christ and have spread a false religion throughout much of the world leaving in its wake poverty, backwardness, persecution and death.

Nothing good has come from them, nothing will until the day comes when the word Islam which means "to submit" does exactly that. That day will come, very soon, when these and their progeny will come to the reality that even the crescent will submit to the Cross without which their is no hope, no life, no victory!


Anonymous said...

Khalil Gibran.


Vox Cantoris said...

He was Lebanese, just like me, we are not Arabs, never were, never will be. My ancestors spoke Aramaic, the language of Jesus, which is all but wiped out because of these same Arabs.