Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fruitcake in July

As Father Z said, "Really Excellencies, really?"

Do you really think this is going to get people back in Church?

Feel good, emotionalism?

These "youth" are not children, 18-39, give me a blessed break. In earlier generations they went to war and died for their countries, they married and had children, they worked farms or studied in universities and became leaders. Why do we keep them where they are in this puerile state? We wonder why they can't become men and women and leaders. When I was 21, I opened a business and at 24 I had eleven employees working for me and sold that successful pizzeria that is still in business today. I became a Management Consultant and later a political adviser at the federal and provincial levels in Canada and Ontario and then a lobbyist, I had a child and raised him as a single father to be a successful, independent man and all this before I was 39! But today, our 18-39's are "young adults" and we pander to them as if the world owes them something, whilst they live in mom and dad's basement and getting their laundry done and their free meals whilst they while the time on an iPad or Playstation 3.

Grow up old men and lead by example instead of being lead like lambs to the slaughter.

Tell us, Excellencies, will you follow the Son of Perdition as willingly when he emerges on the scene, very soon perhaps?

As for me, I'll be the man in the picture not giving the salute; care to join me?

"Come rack, come rope!"

Dang, there I go again, being a mad-rad-trad.


Barona said...

One also wonders why "youth" are presumed to like "pop music" - neither pop in the sense from the populus, and certainly not music.

Aged parent said...

Sheer asininity.

Aged parent said...

Sheer asininity.