Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The grave for Gravel

Raymond Gravel is dead.

The former male same-sex prostitute entered the priesthood with improper formation within one year of meeting the then bishop of Joliet. He became a Member of Parliament until ordered by the Church, in spite of his bishop, to make a choice, politics or priesthood.  

Raymond Gravel undermined church teaching during his priesthood. In death, as in life, he is lionised by the secular media for his dissent. There is no need to list his betrayal of the Bride of Christ here but questions about Gravel have been asked for decades and they persist. The bishops of Joliet have been complicit in the scandal of this man.

He chose to go so far as to sue LifeSiteNews in an attempt to break-him and the funding for this came from no less than six religious orders or houses in Quebec.

My sources tell me that his wish is for the lawsuit to continue beyond the grave.

May God have mercy on the soul of this priest.


Unknown said...

Who are these 'six religious orders' that are involved in the lawsuit?

Vox Cantoris said...

Perhaps we shall find out soon. If those who funded Gravel intend to carry it on, they cannot hide behind the Estate forever.