Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Catholic Schools can teach pro-life as long they're pro-choice

On the heels of the resignation of the scandal plagued pro-abortion and so-called "same-sex marriage" Premier Dalton McGuinty, Education Minister Laurel Broten put her foot in her mouth, or into something at least, yet again.

First she said that Catholic Schools cannot teach that abortion is wrong, now it can be taught as long as we affirm a women's right to choose. Choose what, Minister?

I spoke to three teachers on Saturday, two were and remain prepared to go to jail, the third had not heard this outrage but was shocked when told. A good friend, a teacher in Catholic schools wrote today on his Facebook, "I teach that abortion is wrong in my class. On Nov. 6 there will be a guest speaking to our Gr. 12 from the Toronto Right to Life. Ms. Broten is welcome to come to my school and arrest me."

If Mrs. Broten, a Catholic whose children are in a Catholic school, thinks we're going to lie down on this one, she is very mistaken. Cardinal Collins delivered a firm rebuke to her and the Premier at the Cardinal's Dinner over this interference in the lives and rights of Catholics.

This intellectual lightweight, my own Member of the Provincial Parliament, was once Ontario's Minister of the Environment. This genius had my neighbourhood up in arms when she tried to build a double-stacked four-car garage with an elevator and attempted to cut down mature trees to do it! Wait, is that right; an Environment Minister with four cars? A eco-minister cutting down trees? The people had to gang up to take her to the Ontario Municipal Board to obtain justice.

Cleary, her arrogance has since grown unlike her intellect which is clearly darkened.

It seems she has not gone to school since becoming Minister of Edumacation.

His Excellency Michael Mulhall, Bishop of Pembroke stated in a letter to parishes on October 11th. that the Church will “defend her legitimate autonomy from outside organizations which attempt to define the content of Roman Catholic teaching."

LifeSiteNews has it all here.

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Anil Wang said...

I might be paranoid, but I sense a bit of "Good Cop/Bad Cop" coming out of the left:

Namely the Liberals (which is funded by the left) say that you might not like these 'minor' concessions, but don't get on our bad sides since we're protecting you from those radicals (i.e. the left) that want to get rid of Catholic Schools altogether.

I know the threat of defunding is intimidating many school boards into make concessions.

It too bad the liberals are "defending" Catholic schools in court. The old line "Catholic schools were created since Protestant schools were hostile to Catholics, but secular schools are good enough for everyone so we should abolish Catholic schools" is a blatant lie. Protestant schools back then were a good deal more friendly to Catholic students than secular schools are now as Ms. Boten, sex education (now and proposed ), ban on prayers, etc clearly show.

Vox Cantoris said...

Those who claim that Protestant Schools were created are simply ignorant of history.

In Quebec, the "Separate" system if you will was in fact, English and Protestant, all were Christians. The Separate Schools in the British North America Act-Constitution Act were to protect the rights of religous minorities, English Protestants in Quebec and the quid pro quo elsewhere.