Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Rot in Ottawa and I don't mean Parliament!

The Catholic Church in Ottawa has a problem that goes to its very roots, rot and when you have a tree with roots that rot, that tree can produce no fruit.

As told elsewhere on this blog, I lived in Ottawa whilst working on Parliament Hill during the first term of the Conservative Government of Brian Mulroney. During that time I rediscovered the truths of my Catholic faith after a meandering journey from apostasy to the cafeteria. While I had come back to church in Toronto at St. Michael's Cathedral, I was still lined up at the cafeteria, I had forgotten my catechism; but the beauty of the liturgy there drew me in. Upon moving to Ottawa I was scandalised by attending Mass at Notre Dame Basilica. It was the first time I saw women go the Tabernacle and any layperson distribute Holy Communion. The priests had effeminate mannerisms and there was no Gregorian chant or anything sacred to speak of. In that beautiful temple, it was an anomaly.

Then I found the Oratorians at St. Brigid and it all changed. A brother there, now a priest in Vancouver invited me to choir practice. He taught me to read and sing Gregorian chant, I went to confession for the first time in fifteen years or so and the rest is history.

I then witnessed first-hand, awakened to the reality, the putrid rot present in our Church. It was because the Oratorians fully embracing the hermeneutic of continuity of the Second Vatican Council two decades before Pope Benedict XVI would coin the phrase stood in compete contrast to the heretics at St. Joseph's on Sandy Hill, an OMI parish whose Pastor then, Father Douglas Crosby, OMI is now Bishop of Hamilton. The unjust, lying and spurious attack on these good priest, brothers and people came from those at St. Joseph's. The Archbishop, Joseph Aurele Plourde, a proud member of the self-named, "Gang of Five," was a weak man and a coward who was quoted in the Ottawa Citizen as saying that "those who long for Gregorian chant suffer from nostalgia neurosis." His treatment of these fine priests and brothers was a scandal. He still lives now, well into his 90's, perhaps given this time by God to pray and suffer in old age and do some of his purgatory here.

I've blogged below on the putrid facts at St. Joseph's. The liturgical abuse, the dissent on Catholic teaching, the promotion of the homosexualist agenda. People have written, "does the Archbishop know." Of course he knows! His pictures are there from a visit in March. Yes, Archbishop Prendergast knows. They all know.

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Now, LifeSiteNews has raised our consciousness about an upcoming conference at St. Paul's University which is on the campus of the once Catholic University of Ottawa of which St. Joseph's Church is a part. I mean, can't you just wait to hear the enneagram master and episcopal horse-trader, land-developer and diocese bankrupter Remi de Roo? Surely we all remember this lovely little liturgy by His Disgrace Or how about Canada's own Vatican II peritus, former Augustinian priest, heretic (now that's original) Gregory Baum.

All OMI, all heresy, all the time and you can bet, their heretical liturgies will be at St. Joe's. The question is, will there be puppets?

Socon or Bust as some of you may know went in to early retirement, but a few months ago, that unfortunate occurrence ended and Socon is back. He has noted that Cardinal Turkson is attending this conference and the Nuncio is being asked to contact His Eminence and advise him of the scandal to the faithful due to the dissenters present.

Sign SoCon's petition here.

While the OMI's own the property on which St. Joseph's stands, Ottawa still has an Archbishop let us pray that he will deal with this mess which he has inherited from Plourde and Gervais.


Barona said...

Canon Law liberally provides the archbishop to deal with the Oblates within his diocese.... ditto for Toronto and the Loretto Nuns et al. Yet, nothing is done.

I think the sad reality of most bishops is to try to maintain their "dirty little secret": they actually have very little power. This seems to contradict what I first wrote, but it does not. A few bishops actualize that power - yes, they may be persecuted, maligned etc. but they will have done their duty. Duty is to defend and promote the Faith, and by extension the Morals of the Church. Permitting laymen and other assorted paid "professionals to run a diocese is
immoral and a dereliction of duty. The crisis of the faith, is also the crisis of bishops.

Mouse said...

Which were you calling unfortunate? The start, or end, of the SoconorBust retirement?