Saturday, 6 August 2011

Linda Gibbons: Canada's Prisoner of Conscience

The law is an ass.

By John Jalsevac
TORONTO, Ontario, August 5, 2011 ( – Yesterday, I once again filmed and photographed Linda Gibbons being arrested for doing nothing more than peacefully trying to convince women entering an abortion clinic to not make the same mistake she herself made years ago. Since Linda’s first arrest in 1994 I have covered the story of her arrests again and again. In 1999, I was also arrested by out-of-control police officers directed by a sheriff who also seemed to be in a cozy relationship with abortion center staff. Eight months later the phony charge was dropped.
Yesterday, however, seemed different and unreal. (See video)
The officers and the sheriff were again going through the usual required motions, but this time they seemed confused about how to justify a law enforcement contingent of 6 police officers and 2 sheriffs for this situation. The quiet, passive, soft spoken woman of conscience was obviously no danger to anyone. The severity of the penalties in the injunction, which she has endured for years, is an embarrassment to anyone of reason.
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Here is the dangerous woman arrested by such brave Toronto police doing the bidding of a corrupt Crown and murderous so-called, doctors and nurses:


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