Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Is this the Canadian GIRM and the reason for the delay in the Roman Missal?

Is this what the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops submitted to Rome for adaptations to the new Roman Missal for Canada?

Is this what is holding up the approval or disapproval of the GIRM and implementation of the Roman Missal?

It seems that both of my sources as in the post below, were correct.

The bold is in the original document presumably indicating Canadian "adaptations."

43. The faithful should stand from the beginning of the Entrance
Chant, or while the Priest approaches the altar, until the end of
the Collect; for the Alleluia Chant before the Gospel; while the
Gospel itself is proclaimed; during the Profession of Faith and the
Universal Prayer; from the invitation, Pray, brethren (brothers and
sisters), before the Prayer over the Offerings to the end of Mass,
except at the points indicated below.
They should, however, sit: while the readings before the
Gospel and the Responsorial Psalm are proclaimed; for the
homily and while the Preparation of the Gifts at the Offertory is
taking place, and, if appropriate, during the observance of sacred
silence after Communion.
In the dioceses of Canada, they should kneel from the
singing or recitation of the Sanctus to the Memorial
except when prevented by reasons of health, lack

of space, the large number of people present, or some other good
reason. Those who do not kneel at the Consecration, however,
should make a profound bow when the Priest genuflects after
Communion. The diocesan Bishop may allow the common
practice of kneeling at the Consecration only.
Where it is the practice for the people to remain kneeling

after the Sanctus until the end of the Eucharistic Prayer and
before Communion when the Priest says, Behold the Lamb of
God, it is laudable to retain this practice. (53)
To achieve uniformity in gestures and postures during one
and the same celebration, the faithful should follow the
instructions given by the Deacon, lay minister, or Priest in
accordance with what is laid down in the Missal.

(53) Cf. Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy,
Sacrosanctum Concilium, no. 40' Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of
the Sacraments, Instruction Varietates legitimate, 25 January 1994, no. 41: AAS 87
(1995), p. 304.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is bad news, but at least you still kneel. In many parishes in the diocese of Calgary, there is no kneeling at all--not even for the Consecration!

owenswain said...

Our priest has announced he's hosting a Lenten series of studies in which he will be teaching the changes that are coming. I was not present for that announcement but apparently while the talks are during Lent 2011 no mention was made of the time of the New Missal though previously as a Mass I did hear him say Advent 2011. I am in the London Diocese.

Pascendi said...

Last Fall (2010) Msgr. Bianco informed me and a number of my colleagues at a private Mass that the changes were coming this Fall.

If indeed this is now not the case, then something serious is going on. Catholics have a moral right to know what is going on.

JP said...

Agreed. I have been hearing rumours which conflict, and have put a query into the CCCB itself. No word yet. How on earth can we plan?

About kneeling: Does not the universal GIRM call only for kneeling at the Consecration?

In Croatia, this was how it was done. The priest there had no time for indults, as he let me know rather emphatically when I asked him.

I think I actually looked it up and was surprised at what I found.

But I'm willing to be corrected. It would be nice to get some uniformity. I was at a homeschooling conference a few years back and that Mass was a picture of liturgical chaos.

JP said...

Got the word back from the CCCB. They are committed to implementation of the new Missal in Advent 2011, but they are still awaiting approval of the Calendar of Propers, so they can't yet set an official date.