Monday, 21 June 2010

Mimico Iconoclasts

Perusing through a neighbourhood Facebook page promoting a community event, I came across this picture of St. Leo's Catholic Church from 1961. For those of you familiar with The Oratory in Toronto, Holy Family is the "Mother Church" of St. Leo's and the original church building was the first Catholic Church in what was this part of Toronto.

The mural appears to be St. Leo the Great meeting with Attila the Hun in A.D. 452. Pope St. Leo the Great also combated the Pelagian and Manichean heresies. This hero and Vicar of Christ now hides behind a beige and yellow "sponge" wall and the Altar is replaced by the chair of the presider of man!

Another prime example of the pathetically false interpretation of the Second Vatican Council.


Patience said...

When I was a child going to St Clare's; I never understood all the "fancy decoration" behind the (modern) altar (which was the only altar I knew). Do you think that the mural is just painted over or totally gone?
(apparently St Clare's has had a lot of restoration)

Giovanni said...


could you also post a picture of what it looks like now, so you point will be illustrated even more clearly.


Vox Cantoris said...


St. Clare Church has been beautifully restored. The Tabernacle is still off to the side but the ceilings and other murals particularly the Crucifixion you refer to over the Altar is not only still there but its full length has been revealed.


I don't have a picture, though the church is not far from my home; but it is a good idea and would be worth a trip to give the contrast.

Thank you both for visiting.