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Who crushes the serpent.

In Canada, we know little of Our Lady of Guadalupe, yet she is considered to be for the "Americas." Perhaps, it is our own inferiority and fear of the elephant next door that we never refer to ourselves of being part of "America" that keeps us from recognizing our beautiful Patron and Mother.
It is so remarkable that the apparition to Juan Diego has gone so ignored amongst the "elites." Political correctness and revisionist history would have us believe that all native societies in the Americas were so benign until the "white Europeans" arrived. While that may be true to some of the natives of the plains in Canada and the United States and the east coast, it certainly was not of the Iroquois, Apache, Haida and many other nations. But nothing was as evil and vile as the Aztec and Mayan "civilizations." While in many ways they were gifted in intelligence with their ability to develop a pretty accurate calendar, that is not enough to praise them as so many are wont to do. Human sacrifice was so integral to their culture of death that at one feast over 80,000 were estimated to have been sacrificed. Children were the most favoured. And these were not merciful deaths! Hearts wripped out, disembowlment, boiling--and then cannabalism. And, it wasn't the Spanish that were shrinking heads.
Except today, we slaughter millions of babies, 40,000,000 in the United States since Roe v. Wade. Here in Canada there is no regulation, total free access to abortion. Our societies and cultures are dying, for the sake of sexual delight. Are we much different from those who practiced human sacrifice? Actually, we are worse. They did not know any better!
How powerful a symbol yet how ignored that within five years of the Apparition of Our Lady at Guadalupe the pagan culture and its human sacrifice was ended once and for all and the people were converted.
What else is there about this Apparition of Mary? What is the less than obvious connection with Fatima and Islam?
Could the little unknown village of Fatima been chosen by God for Mary's appearance be mere coincidence? Or was there a more profound reason, Fatima, was named for a convert from Islam and the wife of a Portuguese Prince. Fatima was also the name of Mohammed's daughter.
What is the connection between the River of the Wolf (Guadalupe) in Spain and Coatlaxopeuh which in the Aztec language translates to "crushes the serpent." The words themselves are remarkably similar and pronunciation identical.
What is the connection with the statue of Our Lady holding Jesus allegedly carved by St. Luke which was discovered in 1326 after having been lost for 600 years by a shepherd near the town of Guadalupe in Spain? He dug after being instructed to do so by an apparition of Our Lady. But had it gone lost? Or was it directed to be buried in the 8th century to save it from the Mohammedan hordes?
The Koran frequently mentions Mary and holds her higher than all women. While not be the same expression, Mohammedans acknowledge her Immaculate Conception, Annunciation by the Angel Gabriel, Virgin Birth of the Messiah, Jesus and her perpetual virginity!
One could almost say that given what they deny about Jesus, they almost hold Mary in higher esteem!
"And I shall put enmity between your seed and her seed, and she shall crush your head, and you will bruise her heal."
"And behold, I saw a woman clothed with the sun with the moon at her feet."
As we gaze upon the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, let us look at that upon which she is standing. It is the moon. Yet, it is no ordinary moon, it is a "crescent" moon and it was Mary through the power of God who placed the image on Juan Diego's cloak.
Perhaps she is trying to tell us something more?


EpicMichael said...

nice article I love the music and visit your page just to listen...I read it too sometimes.

MyronM said...

The explanation of the victory of the Apocalyptic Virgin over Her eternal Enemy in Claromontana on December 9, 2012 (when early in the morning a possessed intruder poured black paint onto the glass panes protecting the Icon of the Mother of God in the paulin's monastery in Czestochowa, Poland), can be found in Mass readings and the person of the main patron of the day, Saint Juan Diego, or John Didac (or Didacus). The first reading from the Book of Baruch [5, 1-4] contains such words:
“Put off, O Jerusalem, the garment of thy mourning, and affliction: and put on the beauty, and honour of that everlasting glory which thou hast from God. God will clothe thee with the double garment of justice, and will set a crown on thy head of everlasting honour. For God will shew his brightness in thee, to every one under heaven. For thy name shall be named to thee by God for ever: the peace of justice, and honour of piety.”
Paulins Fathers immediately removed from the Holy Icon, after all the one coming from Jerusalem, a black mantle of sorrow (this paint) and at noon the prayers of expiation began. And where is “the double (!) garment of justice”? It was provided by Saint Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin commemorated on this day because of the date of his first meeting with the Holy Virgin on December 9, 1531 in Mexico. He was called the “Talking Eagle” by birth and John Didacus by christening, which can be translated as “(God's) Grace (of) Teaching”. The eagle is the symbol of Saint John the Evangelist, the beloved disciple of the Lord, the one who received the God-Man's Teaching and preached it. We know his Gospel, the Apocalypse and Letters.
On this memorable Saturday, December 9, before the second Sunday in Advent AD 1531, John Didacus rushed to the morning Holy Mass and catechization - he, a 57 year-old widower trying to learn the Church's teaching as accurately as possible. Undoubtedly, he must have been a beloved disciple of the Blessed Virgin, hence She wished him, that he would take Her to his own, just like John the Apostle at Calvary. How did it happen? After a three-day teaching at the Virgin Maid' school (several apparitions) he was ready to fulfill his life mission. It accurately documents his famous tilma-poncho with the miraculously created image of the Divine Mother.
First of all, it's his own coat; secondly, he himself collected unknown to him Castilian roses growing on the rocky soil in winter; thirdly, the Holy Virgin herself composed the collected roses, or the prayed rosaries, in a bouquet: She came under his cloak; fourth, he himself brought the Mystical Rose-Virgin Mother to the Franciscan Bishop Juan de Zumarraga; fifth, he developed his own coat and unveiled the Holy Virgin and Mother; sixth, he gave his cloak to the bishop, the head of the Church; seventh, on the 26th day of the same month, i.e. 14 days after the Revelation of the Image, the bishop transferred the Cloak-Icon in solemn procession to the chapel built in the place of the Virgin's apparitions and let John Didacus live in an adjacent chamber, this means: the “Talking Eagle” took the Holy Mother to his own, under his own roof. She was entrusted to him by the bishop, means by 'Alter Christi'. This is an exact repetition of the scene from almost 15 centuries earlier on Calvary Mount, especially since it happened (in Mexico) on the feast of Saint Stephen the Proto-Martyr.
John Didacus, The Talking Eagle, after a long service as the custodian of the original Guadalupe sanctuary, preaching about the Divine Mother on the hill of Tepeyac, where Aztecs have worshiped Mother Tonaztin-goddess of procreation, died on May 30, 1548. He left the tilma that protected him and which the Divine Virgin put on herself and in which She remained. ...
[to be continued]

MyronM said...

Together with Her, the entire Universe was located there: the oval mandorla of the sun's rays, constellations visible on the Virgin's own mantle and hidden in Her figure, Luna (the crescent Moon) under Her foot. And to this, a young man with the wings of an eagle, as if carrying the Virgin Bride and Mother. How rich message contains this Icon made without hand! Let's take a look at some of its details.
Looking at the icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe, every Catholic immediately recognizes the great portent that appeared in the sky and was described in the Apocalypse [Rev 12]:
“[1b] A Woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under Her feet ...
[5a] And She brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with an iron rod...
[14] And there were given to the Woman two wings of a great eagle, that She might fly into the desert unto Her place, where She is nourished for a time and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.”

Who is this great eagle? The answer can be found in the stars. On Tuesday, December 12, 1531, when the Icon was created, Mars ('4') reigned in the night sky on the border of constellations the Lamb / Fishes (with Neptune '8') in tandem with Saturn ('6') on the border of Bull / Twins (with Uranus '7'). Before dawn, you could see Jupiter ('5') on Libra and Mercury ('1') in the neighborhood of Antares; Venus ('2') hidden in the glow of the Sun (in Sagittarius near Sobiesky's Shield), while Luna ('13') glided in Aquarius on the back of Capricorn. After making bills, it turns out that although there were 2 planets visible in the morning, Jupiter ('5') and Mercury ('1'), their sum value was '9', which is as much as the number of the Holy Spirit ('1' + '8'), but taking into account the Sagittarius residuum ('4') we get '13', that is, the another '4' means 'Alter Christi', the same as Mars ('4'), the planetary sign of Jesus Christ. Thus, the Apocalypse Virgin on the Icon of Guadalupe was with the Eagle, who is the second Son of God, the other of the Twins! The symbol of Jupiter ('5') is also Eagle! What's more, Sagittarius and Capricorn from the north border with the constellation of the Eagle, who dives towards the Sobiesky's Shield (Scutum). With a map of the sky before your eyes, you do not need much imagination to see that Venus and Luna were standing on the shoulders of this Celestial Eagle. Anyway, the zodiacal Virgo has under Her feets the constellation Libra, on which Jupiter ('5') rested at that time, which means She (Virgo) also stood on the Eagle. Let's go to the conclusion: Venus ('2') and Luna ('13') are one and the same Virgin Mother ('15') in pair with the Great Eagle ('13', or the another '4') constitute one ('1'), means Mercury, or the Fire. First, as a pregnant Mother with the man-Child, and after childbirth: as a Woman with Her Son-Man-Spouse. This is not the end of the argument: Mercury ('1') soared near Antares that day (Dec. 12, 1531). So the rays of this star exactly form the mandorla of the Holy Icon of Guadalupe! As we already know, Antares (= 'Ant-Aries' = the Second Lamb) is the star of the Converted One, and in this Sun the Apocaliptic Woman is clothed in the vision of Saint John on the Patmos island! This Son-Man, the Spouse of the Woman, is the Paraclete! ...
[to be continued]

MyronM said...

It is understandable and justified, then, that Bishop John fell on his knees (but nobody said him, “Don't do that!” [Rev 19, 10]) in front of the other John the Teacher (Didacus) and his Divine Spouse Virgin Mary: He, a mortal from earth, She, immortal from heaven. It happened on the eve of Saint Lucy (='Light'), the name of Talking Eagle's temporal spouse, and at the time of the winter solstice (according to the then calendar), hence the light will become stronger and stronger.
On the Holy Icon of Guadelupe, the mandorla completely envelops the Divin Virgin and only partly the Great Eagle. Why? Because he is the Son of Our Mother the Holy Church on earth, so he comes from the fallen children of Adam the Patriarch, that is, he comes from the earth. Why did this momentous Marian Epiphany occur in Mexico at the dawn of the Christian era there, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean (looking from Europe, or the old world)? In order to point to the fulfillment, in the end times, of prophecy about the New Earth and the New Heaven. The Virgin appeared in Mexico at the beginning of the 40th year after the discovery of West Indies (12 October 1492) by Her envoy Christopher Columbus (= 'the Dove, who brings Christ'). When this famous apparition took place in the new world (AD 1531), in the old one, or in Europe, Lucifer started the anti-church revolution of Luther and his accomplices. When entire nations fell away from the Church in the old continent, the Blessed Virgin gained many pagan nations for the Church with Her apparitions in America. This is the announcement of events in the end times, mean these times: When Satan will be close to achieving his goal, that is, complete and irrevocable destruction of the Roman Catholic church, pushing humanity down to the level below that of paganism (total rejection of the natural law!), then the hour of the Apocalyptic Virgin's triumph will strike: the transition of the Little Remnant to the God's Kingdom on earth.
If the constellations on the miraculous Guadelupe Tilma were identified correctly, the full title of the Paraclete can be read as follows (starting from the left foot up to the head of the Virgin and down to her right foot): Ruler (Aldebaran in Taurus) from the house of David (Saturn in Twins) Good Shepherd (Capella in Auriga) of the Great Flock (Ursa Major) Longed for by All Nations (Coma Berenice) He, Who Is Coming (Arctur in Bootes) Fire-Conqueror of the Serpent (Mercury in Ophicus) Converted the Beloved (of the Divine Mother, Luna in Capricorn) Second Lamb (Antares in Scorpio) Roman Emperor (Jupiter in Libra) Eternal (Centaur / Longinus) on the Day without sunset (Cross of the South).
May 6th, 2019, feast of Saint John before the Latin Gate ...
[to be continued]

MyronM said...

The finale of the revelation in Mexico was the day (Dec. 26, 1531) of the Guadelupe Icon' transfer to the chapel-house of John Didacus: Venus completely submerged in the Sun (in Sagittarius), Luna was in company of the Little King (Regulus in Leo) worth '1' (Mercury), effectively the Divine Virgin and Mother made a pair with the Sun King, Her Spouse!

13 X 1917, Fatima, when people were watching celestial vault for the anticipated phenomenon already grew impatient, then the Miracle of the Sun began at 1:30 p.m., or at the very astronomical noon in Portugal (according to the civil time in force there during the Great War) - The Holy Virgin is the real Queen of Heaven. That day, Luna was staying with the Lion (Leo), the Sun was near the Spica star in Virgo, and Venus was playing with Antares in Scorpio - The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima is a harbinger of Antares', the star of the Prodigal Son, the Paraclete. The Divine Virgin and Mother was effectively with '1', i.e. Her Head (spouse) because Mercury was in the head of the constellation Virgo, meaning She was with the Sun King, just like in Mexico on December 26, 1531.
The Guadalupe Icon was created on the eve of Saint Lucy (December 13) or the Holy Light; the miracle of the Sun in Fatima - on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Protection celebrated throughout the Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic churches, on October 14 (new style) - this Mantle (Pokrov*) is the Fire of Antares, the Sun of The Paraclete.
* Do you guess now why the Holy Virgin spoke in Portugal about Russia?
[the end as for now]