Sunday, 7 June 2015

Treacherous Churchmen

A few days after the Irish peoples' referendum to allow so-called marriage between sodomites and lesbians, Raymond Cardinal Burke remarked that even the pagans of old who tolerated sodomy did not stoop to calling it "marriage." The Cardinal is correct and those such as a former Catholic Canadian journalist that say "Jesus never spoke of homosexuality" are wrong. Jesus spoke to the Jewish people and they knew what sodomy was and they did not practice it and those that did, were put to death. He did not need to preach about it. St. Paul who preached to the pagans said much because they practiced it. As to the journalist, since Jesus is God the Son incarnate and he was begotten and not made, then He was there when the Holy Spirit inspired the prophets and he was the Word in the Burning Bush that appeared to Moses, so we know where He stood.

The Cardinal is correct because the whole pagan world, Greeks, Romans, Celts and Druids all practiced sodomy and with young boys especially. This is historical fact. The snakes chased out of Ireland were not literal snakes, it is metaphorical. St. Patrick found sodomy rife amongst the Druid and Celtic pagans. 

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness has commented on the rightness of Cardinal Burke's statement juxtaposed with the actual phrase "ideology of evil" used to describe sodomite and lesbian "marriage" by Saint John Paul II. He further highlights the "outburst of treachery" by Archbishop Eamon Martin.

The referendum merely reflected the debasement of the Irish mind. Ireland is now mission territory. For their cowardice, their treachery, their refusal to preach in season and out of season - the Irish hierarchy should resign. In his last book,"Identity and Remembrance", the late, now sainted Pope denounced same-sex "marriage" as an "ideology of evil". Not one word of this from the bishops. 

Indeed, we had the most recent outburst of treachery from Archbishop Eamon Martin that the far more gentle words of Cardinal Burke were unacceptable. When will this Irish episcopal mercenary resign or be removed from Office? He is staining with his treacherous presence the office of his holy predecessors. These cowards have not even apologized before God for their failure. 

I highly recommend you to these three posts by Barona.

Ireland has been betrayed by its bishop and priests. One can only conclude that they have lost the faith, if they ever indeed had it or that enough of them are simply caught up themselves in the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah which was not, as some would like to conclude, a lack of hospitality.

Our Lady of Akita spoke of "Bishop against Bishop and Cardinal against Cardinal." With the wretched scene last October at the Synod we saw this played out under the eyes and nose of the Bishop of Rome himself. We saw the skullduggery of an assault on the Holy Eucharist and marriage played out before our eyes. We are in for more but we can be confident that our work is weakening them as evidenced by Raymond Arroyo's masterful interview with Cardinal Kasper.

Gird your loins brothers and sisters. The battle is coming to us.


Barona said...

This attempt to detach Our Lord from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is nothing but a rehash of the heresy of Marcionism. These neo-Marcionites fail to realize that the Law of Moses was righteous and God's Law.

We do indeed live in a time of Grace, but the time will run out and Our Lord will return as the Lion of Judah. The devil and his demons will be cast into the lake of fire; unrepentant sinners, refusing to come to the Lord's Banquet will join these devils. Those who indulge in unnatural lusts of the flesh, as St. Paul warned will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lynda said...

Thank you for speaking the truth - which the vast majority of Catholics with public platforms fail to do. We have wolves for shepherds in Ireland. They collaborate with the evil political regime to offend God, corrupt morals, and destroy marriage and family, and persecute the righteous. There is a special place in hell for such prelates. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .