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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Openly Homosexual Catholic Priest in Ottawa harshly and rudely slanders Cardinal Burke!

Raymond Cardinal Burke was given a standing ovation yesterday in Canada's House of Commons following the daily Question Period at Ottawa. Cardinal Burke is in Ottawa for an address this evening.  

On the eve of his attendance, Ottawa Catholic priest and professor at the University of Ottawa has roundly and severely come out against the very presence of the Cardinal in Canada's capital city.

Andre Samson,
As reported at the Catholic Intelligence Agency blog, Andre Samson, the former Pastor of St. Margaret Mary Parish, said in an Email read out on CBC Radio Canada that “As a gay [man] and as a priest of the Archdiocese of Ottawa, I am upset at the visit of this person. I particularly blame those who invited him, the CCO Movement, Catholic Christian Outreach —who seek to provoke and to distance themselves from the current pope. The resistance towards Pope Francis has regrouped itself around this operetta Cardinal who likes to disguise himself as a drag queen. I know well today’s youth because I’ve taught at the University of Ottawa for the last sixteen years. I can affirm that Burke will have more success at Mado [CIA Note: a drag queen bar] than with the university students that CCO looks to convert.”

In August 2014 in the Ottawa Citizen, Samson said “I would like to see the Catholic church recognize that many of its priests are gay and many of its bishops are gay — and that’s OK." Samson who went on to describe his "life lived in secrecy."

Nowhere on his Twitter page does Fr. Samson refer to himself as a Catholic priest.

According to CIA Blog, Samson was also a speaker at the Annual Ontario Gay Men's Sexual Health Summit where BDSM was discussed in 2010 in Toronto. As Catholics one can ask if this priest spoke about chastity as being part of a single man's overall sexual health.

Ironically, a man who seems to care so much for victims of abuse feels quite justified in heaping abuse on Cardinal Burke who only speaks of the truth of Christ with love and mercy

The Archbishop of Ottawa is Terence Prendergast, S.J. He has done much and continues to do much to turn around on the right path, the Church in Ottawa. His two predecessors did much damage over nearly fifty years. I saw some of this when I lived in Ottawa and witnessed the treatment of the fledgling Ottawa Oratory at St. Brigid's at the hands of Joseph Aurele Plourde and the cabal at St. Joseph's Church. Pray for Archbishop Prendergast's perseverance. He is a friend of the people that would read this blog and has been a strong supporter of the Fraternity of St. Peter.  If you wish to write him, respectfully, and as a commenter noted, "with the greatest charity and kindness," his email is (corrected).

We will continue to follow this scandal.


Anonymous said...

Vox, You say this man is "unfit for the priesthood"? That's putting it mildly!! If this man is an example of a successful post secondary educator, what chance do our young people have? Stating that Cardinal Burke dresses as a drag queen? This is not a man of faith! This is a person doing the work of the devil!! How did this one get ordained??? Bella Dodd must have been telling the truth...

Suzanne F. said...

He didn't actually SAY it on Radio Canada, his email to Radio-Canada was quoted, as a run-of-the-mill listener.

Vox Cantoris said...

Thank you Suzanne F. Corrected.

Anonymous said...

It's beyond time that true Catholics ramped up the militancy. This man, and others of his ilk, have no intention of being Catholic. Michael Matt's recent article says it concisely, and perhaps we just need to be brutally honest with these evildoers: Get the hell out of our Church!


Anonymous said...

If anybody does not agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church ,they have the free will to leave ,they do not have the authority to change it.It seems that not only have they adopted civilian garb ,they have no obedience to or respect for their superiors.There were some pretty nasty comments made about Christ ,Cardinal Burke is in good company.The World loves its own.if there's one thing people love its to be told what they want to hear,it takes courage and real love to tell them the truth.

Aloysius Gonzaga said...

Outrageous. He should never have been ordained.

Anonymous said...

As a point to note, Archbishop Prendergast is a very good man and fully encouraging of the traditional Catholics in his diocese. Any letter or email written to him should be done with the greatest of charity and kindness. He is a friend of the sorts of folks who read this blog.

TLM said...

This is my battle cry DJR, and I proclaim it boldly to all of them............'Get the hell out of our Church!'

TLM said...

Anyone see the interview of Cdl. Kasper by Raymond Arroyo on EWTN last night? Raymond did us proud. He grilled him pretty much mercilessly on 'his proposal' to revolutionize the Church, even asking him if he does not indeed take any responsibility for unleashing an idea about marriage that has been settled now for 2,000 years! It was really 'the interview' of the year in my opinion. The second part of the interview is next week. Can't wait.

Kudos to Raymond. You go boy!

Anonymous said...

Some have said that Bishop Prendergast is courageous, and supports Traditional Catholics in his diocese. Well, I don't know if that's such a courageous act. So he allows the FSSP to say the Latin Mass - big deal if he continues, day after day, to allow all sorts of sacrileges and outrages, and indifference to wound The Sacred Heart of Jesus.
I've just sent him an e-mail begging him to act publicly in this case because this sodomite priest is leading souls into hell on his watch. A truly courageous bishop would act PUBLICiLLY to save the OTHER souls in his charge. Why mercy for those who commit objective mortal sin, yet no mercy for those who live in a possible state of mortal sin by being led there by one of this Bishop's priests?

Osusanna said...

I like the new battle cry - Get the hell out of our Church!

We love you Cardinal Burke.

Suzanne F. said...

I don't want people out of the church. They need to be INSIDE the Church. Just ... maybe not in positions of leadership.

Debra G said...

READ Liturgical Abuse A Cancer in the Church, Paul A. Mihalik OCDS. It will certainly explain how Andre Samsom was ordained a
priest. He said it himself, he did not have a priest vocation. He is of those who seek to destroy from within.

A follow up book is Remaining Steadfast- a Call to stand for Christ and His Church, same author.

Vox Cantoris said...

Debra G. Can you write me at voxcantoris (at) Can you get me a PDF/JPEG or the quote from that book?

Dan said...

It's not "our" Church, or "their" Church. It is HIS Church, and we are HIS.

DJR said...

Blogger Dan said... It's not "our" Church, or "their" Church. It is HIS Church, and we are HIS.

Is God not "our" Father?

Is the Blessed Virgin not "our" Lady? Is She not "our" Mother?

Even so, the Catholic Church is "our" Church.

If we are HIS, what's His is ours, because He gave it to us.

Blogger Suzanne F. said...I don't want people out of the church. They need to be INSIDE the Church. Just ... maybe not in positions of leadership.

I don't want people out of the Church either, but if they willingly refuse to adhere to the Church's teachings and want others to do so as well, then they need to GET OUT.

Martin Luther and all other heretics and blasphemers were of the same ilk. The popes had no problem telling them to get out, and neither should we.

Dan said...

Sure God is our Father, and that makes those we comment upon our brothers and sisters.

Suzanne F. said...

It's harder to minister to people when they leave the Church.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne F. sometimes we have to be willing to let people go in order to bring them back. If people make the Catholic reality one that fits all their "needs" and their desire for what they want it to be, then there is never the call to change, the call to conversion. The Church needs to be very clearly what it is and people should decide to adhere to that or not. It isn't a lack of kindness or charity. It is a desire for the clarity of faith. The godless life lived could help people wake up and desire a life with God. A godless life labeled Catholic leaves one confused and confuses the young and the weak.

Betty-Anne said...
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