Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mary Wagner's arrest: Two journalistic approaches

The issue of Mary Wagner's arrest before Christmas is starting to be reported in the Catholic press in Canada -- albeit from two different angles.

Here, on line, is an exceptional report from Deborah Guyapong in the BC Catholic. Deborah spent the time to interview and research the story. It is a thorough and sensitive report.

Yet, we have another Catholic journalist in another Catholic paper that takes a completely different approach and a sad one at that.

Michael Coren criticised Mary quite harshly on his cable show on SUN TV. He writes this week on Mary in the Catholic Register, the column is on the web pageIt takes a different approach than Deborah's work and is more in keeping with his television comments. Tim Haines at Vericast does a good job dissecting the interview with Alissa Golob of Campaign Life starting at 33:13.

As someone who was once his friend, who had coffee in his home; as someone who paid him to speak before a Catholic group and arranged another group to do the same and to sell his books, I regret very much his more recent positions and cannot explain how this man who once did good work and could do so much more could have betrayed the truth to this extent:
"Could there be something personal, even needy, about all this? I know Mary Wagner’s supporters will react strongly to what I have said and I have already been rudely condemned for gently questioning her stance on my television show, but the question has to be asked: is this about the unborn or about Mary Wagner?"
The issue is about the unborn as the letter from Mary's mother testifies; I am shocked that Coren would even question her motives. He clearly does not know her and has never spoken with her. The issue is also about Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons and others who risked everything for the truth. 

Michael, You are upset at me and you're upset at Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness because we have refused to be silent on this matter and we have both challenged your previous comments on other issues - why have you taken your anger at us out on Mary Wagner? 

Go and read it all there. I will refrain from any further comments, I am too disgusted to formulate anything coherent, you are welcome to do that in the combox.

Meanwhile, in Poland!


Teófilo de Jesús said...

Brothers and Sisters:

I wish to share with you the URL of a petition at on behalf of Canadian pro-life activist Mary Wagner. I hope you share it with your users. The URL follows below.


Barona said...

Beautiful Vox!!!! That's Ewa Rejman's creation! Beautiful isn't it!?

Thank-you Vox for everything you are doing for our angel for life.

Michael Coren? A sad, sad and angry man.