Monday, 15 September 2014

Canadian Bishops and Durocher -- full of gas

In a move reminiscent of former Winnipeg Archbishop Weisgerber's plastic water-bottle sermon-from-the-mount, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishop's President Paul-Andre Durocher has now decided that the greatest ill in Canada is its potential of becoming a global energy "super-power." 

Retired Archbishop of Winnipeg, Weisgerber
Quoted on Radio VM, Durocher states that while it is not a "position" it is a "working tool and reflection on issues of social justice. It is made for the education of adult faith on the social doctrine of the Church."

Originating as a Jesuit document, its English release is set for this week in Toronto. It is good to know that the Sisters of Sainte-Anne de Lachine, the Sisters of IBVM (Loreto in Toronto), the Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland and Sisters Foundation St. Joseph of the Diocese of London all support the document. Considering that each of these former Orders are on their literal death beds, what they think is hardly relevant to the Church.

CCCB President, Bishop Durocher
This is nothing more than Marxist drivel coming out of our Bishops Conference and our debauched and corrupted religious orders, particularly the Jesuits. They would prefer perhaps that North America should continue to buy its energy needs from the same people chopping. What can we expect, when the Bishop of Rome, himself a Jesuit, makes an absurd statement that the greatest problem facing the world today is "youth unemployment."

Where did these clericalists learn their economics; or do we already know?

Canada continues to be have no law protecting children at any stage from abortion. Catholics contracept at the same rate as everyone else, Mass attendance is in decline, our schools are threatened by the homosexualists and our Catholic brothers and sisters are being slaughtered. Yet, the greatest economic development is the concern of our bishops? Development that will lead to security and prosperity for our country and our native peoples in a sustainable manner? 

What poppycock! 

What drivel!

They are an affront to the Christ and His Church and to we the Catholic people.

PostScript: for more on Mario Bard, the author of the Radio VM report, read this little ditty on "sacred meals."

Thanks to New Catholic for the tip.

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