Friday, 12 September 2014

Bill Donahue and the Catholic League - Blowhards, Hypocrites and Irish Mafia Dons

The scandal caused by the Archbishop of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan continues with its big apologist Bill Donahue and the Catholic League.

Call these two clowns, "The Gangs of New York."

Last March, he spoke openly against those homosexualist groups that desired to take part as a "group" in the St. Patrick's Day Parade rather than be happy with their own June festivities proving that it's not about the parade, its about destroying Catholic culture and faith. 

Timothy Dolan is wrong to sanction the parade's decision and he is more wrong to act as Grand Marshall. This Prince of the Church with his smiles at the "gay-friendly" parish of St. Francis Xavier, his "bravo" to an athlete that came "out" has scandalised faithful Catholics around the world.

Donahue sided with Dolan and now is distancing himself because of a technicality. The parade will not permit a prolife group to March as a "group" so therefore, the Catholic League will withdraw. He is withdrawing not because of the presence of the homosexualists but because the pro-lifers are barred.

His hypocrisy is blatant and open.

The Catholic League and Bill Donahue have lost all credibility. 

The knives in New York are out

Matt C. Abbot reports on the "case of the missing Monsignor" and it includes and an update about Father Wylie formerly of Holy Innocents Parish.

With this column by Father Rutler, one can wonder, is he next?


September 14, 2014

I do not like most jargon, as it diminishes the creative power of the noble English language rightly used. For instance, I do not like to be told by bureaucratic sorts to “prioritize.” (Apparently, the first recorded instance of its use was in the 1972 presidential campaign.) As with all things, Christ the Living Word put it better when he said, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33). God and his promise of eternal life should have priority over every other desire or concern.

Recently, many television viewers complained about a news bulletin covering the beheading of the journalist and devout Catholic, James Foley. Their objection was not to the horror of the news, but that it had interrupted the broadcast of a soap opera. We are learning quickly that people with that defective kind of priority will soon find out the hard way that life is not a soap opera. We are now engaged in a war, whether or not some politicians hesitate to call it that, and it must have priority over all other interests. The war is being fought by enemies of God, deluded by the conceit that they are fighting for God.

This is so hard for an indulged and selfish culture to accept, inasmuch as it means acknowledging that good and evil exist, though many would prefer to ignore the latter. Christians are being martyred in the Middle East, and public officials still find it hard to mention that those who are being crucified, beheaded, and driven from their homes are suffering because they are Christians.

The auxiliary bishop of Baghdad, Shlemon Warduni, said on Vatican radio: “We have to ask the world: Why are you silent? Why do not you speak out? Do human rights exist, or not? And if they exist, where are they? There are many, many cases that should arouse the conscience of the whole world: Where is Europe? Where is America?” The genocide of Christians, who have been in Iraq since shortly after the Resurrection, does not seem to have priority in the attention of many in our country.

As this suffering continues, many in the United States are willing to tolerate heresy and moral decadence in a vain attempt to “get along” with others. While Christians must “love the sinner and hate the sin,” there are an increasing number of people who are intimidated into enabling the sinner to advertise his sin. In 1992, Cardinal O’Connor said that compromising Catholic truth for the sake of political correctness “was not worth one comma in the Apostles' Creed.”

The holy martyrs in the Middle East honor the Church and atone for our degeneracy. Their bishops are willing to struggle and die with them. They must be amazed that people in other places have their priorities so wrong.

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