Saturday, 13 April 2013

Leslie Scrivener and the Toronto Star: Unaccountable anti-Catholic bigots

Sculptor Timothy Schmalz has created a bronze sculpture called Jesus the Homeless outside Regis College, the Jesuit college at U of T.
A purported sculpture of Our Lord and Saviour
As noted previously, reading the quickly declining Toronto Star is not something I engage in. I depend upon friends bringing to my attention articles that need to be challenged. This was the case in the attack a few weeks ago on a Toronto area priest for teaching the Catholic faith and the facts of sin and the need for the Sacrament of Reconciliation - confession of our sins. The author of the poisoned pen article was Leslie Scrivener. 

A few days ago, I wrote about what seems to be an ongoing obsession for this journalist. Can there be any doubt with this article and headline that not only Leslie Scrivener but the Toronto Star is obsessed with the Catholic Church? Can there be any more evidence of a clear Catholic hating agenda when a story is manufactured to smear the Church out of what is in reality, a non-story? I will not link to the article, as I will not provide any hits to Hell's Bible of Toronto. 

An artist has created a sculpture, allegedly of a homeless Jesus sleeping on park bench. Being rejected by St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York; placing it at St. Michael's Cathedral (and sometime Cabaret), was wisely, also rejected. According to diocesan officials a place was offered at St. Augustine's Seminary but that was refused by the artist as nobody would see it. It has now found a place at a Catholic institution, the Jesuit's Regis College at the University of Toronto.
The Immaculate Conception?

Frankly, if anyone has seen the Immaculate Conception Egg at St. Paul's Basilica one would be forced to think twice about these artists and their interpretation of that which is Catholic. We don't need any more ugliness or abstract interpretations of faith. Beauty in music and the visual arts, poetry and architecture, as examples, are reflections of the Divine. Ugliness, as given example here in these two instances, does not.

Of course it is the big, bad Catholic Church that won't put up the art as a sign of the problem of homelessness. The good people at St. Michael's Cathedral (when not organising cabarets) do wonderful work in the real world of homelessness with an Out of the Cold program. They don't need an ugly sculpture allegedly of Our Lord to prove it. They do the work day in and day out with this program and an incredibly active St. Vincent de Paul Society. Relief of suffering is done by work not be tokens.

Why is Leslie Scrivener and the anti-Catholic bigoted Toronto Star trying to lecture Catholics and the Church on charity? 

Who are they to tell any parish or anyone for that matter what is art or what they should or should not put on their property.

Let her go to the Sisters of Charity on Dunn Avenue or St. Francis' Table on Queen Street or the St.Vincent de Paul Society of any parish to see the daily work that Catholics undertake. 
Who does this Scrivener think built the first hospitals in Toronto? Does she think it was those of the family compact? I don't need to defend here the truth of the charity done each and every day by Catholics in this world and 2000 years of the greatest force for good in human history; but I do and you do need to defend the Church against these blatant attacks which border on a psychological obsession and neurosis.

This is the fifth article which takes a position against the Church or one which promotes the cause of dissenters to the faith since the beginning of March 2013. Repeated requests for comments from Scrivener have gone unanswered. The other affect of this kind of hateful, manufactured anti-Catholic trash is to set off the usual bile in the combox -- those that hate the Church are indeed "Legion!" Let this be a lesson to those communication "experts" and others at the Chancery on who the real enemy happens to be.

Lest anyone underestimate their hatred and this obsession pay attention to what you are about to read. Vox has witnessed direct evidence with confirmation from two sources of repute that there is more to come, much more.

The Toronto Star is working on something that will be used in an attempt to break the Catholic Church in Toronto and everything that goes along with it. Their goal is to cause an unprecedented scandal and empty the pews in an attempt to cripple the Church in Toronto costing potential millions of dollars and to go so far as to bring about the destruction of the rights of Catholics to publicly-funded education and more. 

It is not going to be pretty.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so someone at the chancery office had the discernment to say "no" to this mediocre art.


It is morbid and depressing.

We don't need that type of moralizing "art."


Barona said...

The attacks on the local church are continuing because the secular power sees a weak, vacuous leadership. We can thank God that we are - not yet, but it will come - not in the position of a city such as Nowa Huta in Poland decades ago. There, it required a bishop with a will of absolute steel to stand down the communists for the rights of the local church. The bishop won...

Anonymous said...

Thank for this and keeping us informed.

The more I hear about the Star and their perpetual lies the more I am disgusted.
Wait until the nonsense they. Will promote about the island airport.