Thursday, 18 April 2013

Archbishop of Westminster: "bloggers not Catholic."

It appears that the Archbishop of Westminster, when not offering flowers to a Hindu deities, has been taking cues from the President of the Internet.  

"Pope Francis understands this in practical terms. He has already identified two kinds of behaviour that destroy love in the Church. They are complaining and gossiping. He is a practical man. He knows that we live in a society in which complaining and gossip is a standard fare. They sell newspapers and attract us to blogs because we love hear complaints and to read gossip. 

But Pope Francis is clear: they should have no place in the Church."

Rather "self-referential" and "clerical" methinks; or am I taking it out of context? Does he mean secular newspapers and blogs or is he referring to Catholics who blog on catholic issues?

If this Archbishop and his Episcopal colleagues in your town and mine were doing their jobs, the little people would not have to complain, but complaining is not necessarily gossip. The Archbishop seems to desire a return to the day when the laity did not question what these leaders of the Church of Christ Catholic were doing, even when what they were doing amounts to liturgical abuse, patrimonial iconoclasm and the child abuse or the hiding of pederasts. 

Is the Archbishop now not "complaining and gossiping" about Catholics who blog to the point where he would exclaim that we "should have no place in the Church?" Is he taking the Holy Father out of context?

Perhaps the good Archbishop needs to pay particular attention to the pederasts in the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom and the re-evangelisation of lapsed-Catholics rather than take the words of the Holy Father out of context and twisting them to serve an agenda that is hardly becoming of his Office.


Barona said...

Bishops not Catholic!

I would recommend to Arhcbishop Nichols that he investigate wayward bishops who allow priests to teach universal salvation and other such heresies that I have heard with mine own ears...

Aged parent said...

"Boggers not Catholic"

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...

Archbishop Nichols needs his head examined.

Anonymous said...

Well if it wasn't for the Internet and blogs, about half of the nonsense that Church leaders are up to would never come to light. So of course many of them resent the Internet. TS