Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Orange Cassock on its way?

What are we Catholics to think and how are we to react to the news eminating from Los Angeles that Archbishop Emeritus Roger Cardinal Mahony covered up the sexual abuse to the point of obstructing justice and even harbouring a homosexual pederast priest? Well, I think, with clarity and charity, we know what needs to be done now. As one can see from the picture above, he would not obey Church law either.

He can speak of prayers for the 3 x 5 card victims but this man, long been known as a "liberal," is being revealed now as the one of the worst of those who covered up these heinous crimes in the United States. He was the darling of the liberal media and Hollywood Catholics; it's amazing how they abandon and turn on one of their own. A long-ago union sympathizer priest in Fresno, he was plucked from there and is amongst the worst of the Jadot line that is now nearly mercifully behind us; though their evil deeds have not gone with them, the Church in America still bears the scars and so do we in Canada and worldwide due to their influence on the culture.

Roger Mohony, a Bishop of the Church, an Apostle of Christ will face justice. He needs to face it on this side of eternity and we must pray that while God will show justice, He will also show him mercy on the other side.

As for the District Attorney of Los Angeles County though, throw the book at him!

See National Catholic Register.


Barona said...

The late Fr. John O'Connor quipped at one of his conferences that if the Church authorities were not going to do anything, we were and are duty bound to go straight to the police.

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

An orange cassock would be appropriate for Cardinal Mahony even if he eludes imprisonment.

The colour orange is watered down red (the colour cardinals wear to symbolize their willingness to spill their blood for the faith).

Cardinal Mahony's spirituality is essentially a watered down version of Catholicism. Based on his childish retort to Archbishop Gomez, there isn't any evidence he's prepared to die for the Church.

Orange is also a colour associated with Protestants.