Monday, 17 September 2012

Musings on Orifices

Perusing and digging into Heresy Hunter's latest and monumental work on the StarChamber, Magic Circle/CanChurch establishment comes this little snippet from the bulletin of a parish where some controversy seems to be taking place for over a year now.

I've heard it all about the goings on, most of it is unprintable because it is in the realm of gossip, but this is not. That a Pastor could take such a private medical procedure and some how think it appropriate to put it into the parish bulletin under the title of "Musings" is so sick, so idotic, so deranged that it cannot go without a comment.

What kind of man, what kind of priest does this?

How is this tolerated?

I googled the first sentence and found it right away and found it.

This is no joke friends, but it is sick:

We get poked and prodded and pricked in places... We are checked over and under and even where the "sun don't shine". Speaking of where the sun don't shine, it is time for my second colonoscopy. It is about two years behind (no pun intended) schedule... all good things must come to an end - so to speak... it is the preparation that is the drudgery of it all. They try to disguise the prep with obscure sounding processes, like the drink "evacuates" your insides for the camera. (When I dreamed of being in pictures, this isn't what I had in mind). No one warns you of the act of violence that this liquid perpetuates on you with sudden and prolonged fury... So then, it is time to stock up on nice, soft, Cottonelle, move the television so it is visible from the w.c., juice up the DS Nintendo, put a book or two within reach, and get ready for an evening of "evacuations"... Cheers, and bottoms up, so to speak.

What has become of us? Is it not bad enough that we have gone from women's hygiene products to the natural change in a man referred to as "dysfunction" that it seems somehow acceptable to use words such as where "the sun don't shine" and puns about one's "behind" and a part of the body such as the "end" and using Cottonelle for a toast to "bottoms up?"

What kind of sick joke is this?

This is a priest of Jesus Christ?


Freyr said...

And not being content to leave me in blissful ignorance you felt compelled to share? No thanks... time to get your link out of my bookmarks and brush up the spam filter.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Freyr,

I did not send it to you; nor did I give you a bookmark. You are free to do as you wish.

However, being in blissful ignorance over the state of the Church in Canada is not an option.

The "blissful ignorance" of which you speak has allowed this putrid rot to settle in. I for one choose not to sit by and watch it happen any longer.

If you don't have the courage to stand up and fight for the truth and to use your talents to help rid the Church of this corruption then please get out the way and let those such as your unworthy correspondent, Heresy Hunter, Michael Voris and others do it.

I hope you would be as hard on those who would tear Her down.

Anonymous said...

Read through those 'ruminations' and you notice this is someone who talks about EVERYTHING EXCEPT GOD. TS

Vox Cantoris said...


Yes, none are about God, the Holy Eucharist, Our Lady, Catholic morality, abortion. They are all his "ruminations." All about nothing, the Seinfeld of homilies and bulletins.

Unfortunately, Freyr prefers to stay in blissful ignorance.

Thank you.