Wednesday, 29 January 2014

History will judge our beloved Papa!

History will judge, as will Our Lord; and the day will come in the not too distance future when Catholics around the world will come to the realisation that we were given a grace by God to be served by a man who is arguably the greatest intellect in the Catholic Church, if not the world, since St. Thomas Aquinas. Alas, we were unworthy.

Perhaps Father Allan J. McDonald has it right, shocking as it seems. I first discovered this man, our dear Papa, with the reading of The Ratzinger Report over twenty-five years ago. From then, he had me. His intellect was profound; yet, he would talk and teach as if he were always the kindly professor intent on not dumbing down his word but ensuring they were phrased that we simple folk could understand everything he said. 

Look at the photo below; look at he love in his eyes, on his face. I miss him; I miss him dearly. I am still in mourning. The fact is, we may never see one like you come our way again, not in many life times and certainly, not now. They can't hold a candle to you. 

May your enemies be confounded. May they be acursed - each and every filthy one of them. Every priest, bishop, cardinal whether in a parish, cathedral or the curia itself. Every teacher, liturgist, professor and layman. May they be held accountable for their evil, their treachery, their spite and their malice against you and the Church.

Papa Benedict, may our dear Lord comfort you and bless you; may you know how much you are loved and missed.

Vox Cantoris


Barona said...

The continuous media attacks on Pope Benedict are a sure sign of his holiness and of the great he accomplished for the Church. By setting up a major block in the road to protect the Mass, he has effectively saved the Church from going totally Lutheran. He is hated for this. Rejoice!! Pope Benedict's award will be great in Heaven. "They will hate you on account of my name"

Luciano Toscan said...

I am in total agreement with your comments. We were, we are not worthy of this great man.
Long live Pope Benedict.