Sunday, 12 January 2014

Canada's Primate named Cardinal

At today's Angelus in Rome, Pope Francis announced the new cardinals to be installed at the next consistory and included is the Primate of Canada, the 24th successor of François de Laval, Canada's first resident prelate, Archbishop Gérald Cyprien Lacroix . Cardinal Lacroix

Pictured upon his installation as Archbishop with Marc Cardinal Ouellet, he met Pope Francis in July and when finding out he was Archbishop of Quebec, the Pope said, He said when he introduced himself as the archbishop of Quebec, "the Pope replied, 'Ah, Quebec! Land of missions, a land that has known many great missionaries!'"

Archbishop Lacroix said he indicated to the Pope that Quebec wants to continue in the footsteps of the great missionaries, and the Pope responded, "Quebec must rise again."

"He would like us Quebecers to find again our faith that gave us life and that built our country," Archbishop Lacroix said. "We have to find again our roots of faith, rise again as Christians and find once again the Gospel in our lives."

The 56 year old prelate was named Archbishop nearly three years ago and was an Auxiliary Bishop of Quebec only two years before that. Canada has  been blest twice this week, with the appointment of the new Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa and now our new Cardinal. Both these men are solidly faithful and are at the forefront to lead the new evangelisation in Quebec and all of Canada.

God bless Cardinal Lacroix.

God bless Canada.

St. Joseph, St. Andre, St. Margurite, Blessed Francois Laval, pray for Canada.


Barona said...

May this Cardinal live up to his name. May he awaken a sleeping Quebec to the Faith. May the Canadian hierarchy struggle out of their near collective stupor and realize the degree of the Spiritual crisis in the Church in this country.

Aloysius Gonzaga said...

Did anyone hear that interview of Fr. Thomas Rosica that was aired today on CBC Radio?

He was defending the proposal that the federal government inaugurate "JPII day."

Now some uninformed people might be clapping and cheering on the news that he was in favour of that decision.

But listen to the interview and what you hear is a very lame attempt to make the Catholic Church likeable to all the wrong people. Rosica's main points were:

"John Paul II was good, but not because he was Catholic, everyone liked him, he appealed to people of all religions or no faith at all, he was a great humanitarian who touched people's lives, his greatness has nothing to do with him being Catholic, he broke with tradition, he broke with rules and regulations," yadda yadda yadda.

Now, why can't we just have a CATHOLIC POPE? What's wrong with that for a change? Why do we even have to pretend that our own Popes are not Catholic, jut to win the admiration of some secularist airheads?